Painting Problem - Model Becomes Black


Hi. I’m having a problem with painting models in Mudbox 2009. I downloaded and installed it recently, straight from Autodesk. I haven’t had a problem with sculpting at all, but when I try painting my model, it becomes entirely black. The model retains it’s specularity and glossiness, but changes color as if I’ve painted the whole thing black. When I try painting with a different color or changing the diffuse color of Default Material, nothing happens. I did a few searches but haven’t found anyone with a similar problem. Maybe there’s a setting I must change. Any suggestions?

Running on Windows XP Pro sp3, Intel Core2 Duo 3ghz, 2gb RAM, and one GeForce 275 gtx.


UV maps aren’t proper, most likely…

Are you importing your geometry from another application? Make sure your UV’s are clean and neat before exporting the .obj file. Mudbox will need these to know where to place color when you’re painting.


You’re right. The model was completely without a UV. I must have skimmed that part of the manual. Thanks, Infernal.


UV’s are the bane of existence. Someday they’ll be a bit more intuitive, no doubt, but meanwhile they must be dealt with.

Good luck, and make sure to share your sculptures here when you can!


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