"Painting" Objects


Ok, you might want to read this thread to understand me a little better: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=43&t=777479

I’m trying to cover a mesh with several other models without having to do it by hand (other than just a few tweaks.)

If you didn’t bother reading the other thread, I made a pile of rubbish out of a plane and a single texture. Now I want to make it look more realistic by covering it in objects like cans, bottles, takeout boxes, etc.
How would I do this without having to place EVERY object by hand?

I tried to use this: http://andklv2.narod.ru/maxscripts/111_paint_cloner_v0.1.ms
But it doesn’t adjust to the hight so I’d have to move object again anyway.


Try Gugila Groundwiz. or Neil Blevins’ object planter script :thumbsup:


I’d try it with PFlow. Use your pile of rubbish as emitter object and different objects as instanced particles.


Thanks so much for the help guys! Now just to tweak it :slight_smile:


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