Painting not working at all


I have been using mudbox for a while now, and for a recent project being using the same object but giving it different textures to save time, i had painted 7 different textures for this object, but then today, mudbox freaked out, and i had to reinstall it, but now when i import it into mudbox, first i have to middle mouse click to create a paint layer, and then nothing, no matter what material i use, or what brush i try, the paint does not appear, i have tried repairing mudbox, and loading in early versions of the object but with no luck. no forum post i have come across on many websites have mentioned anything even similar to this problem, and there is no info on the mudbox website about it.
if anyone have any ideas at all i would be very grateful.
i am running out of time for this project, and as it is an internship, risk loosing my place if i do not complete it


is it possible that your object lost the UVs.`?