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I’ve been working on this painting for a while, and I’ve hit a bit of a dead end–I can’t decide whether I should incorporate more of a background into the piece, or just leave it pretty simple…I also still need to do more detail/texture work and fix some anatomy problems, but please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks!!


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That’s beautiful! Personally I don’t mind the simpeler backgrounds, but I know that everybody here will tell you to do one, the ones that talk that is. I assume you are going to give the palm and wrist an equal treatment like the fingers?


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I think what you have so far is very lovely. When I first looked at it I noticed the top hand being a bit green and the bottom one being more cream…not that this will help or anything … Just thought I would share my first thought with you. It made me want to see the top hand textured like earth and dirt and greener and the bottom textured like limestone or marble… I don’t exactly know why but the symbolism of that would be interresting and if in fact you decided to make a full background would give you someplace to run with it. Take my idea for what it’s worth … free idea… that’s it. There’s just something interresting to me about 2 hands and one being earth clutching rock… I dunno… anyways… good work so far and good luck with whatever you decide.


I think it looks awesome sofar, in my opinion it would look cool if you intergrated the hands into some sort of wall, like the palm of the hand is worked into a wall and the upper part is sticking out.


It’s funny how everybody sees different things in symbolic pieces. To me, the brighter green hand looks newer than the other hand, which looks older and more weathered. I get an impression of a parent supporting a child and the child loving the parent and protecting him/her now that the child is stronger than the parent. The loving yet protective embrace is almost as if it’s trying to protect the more weathered hand against … well … the harsh effects of weathering.


That’s beautiful! I don’t want to see a detailed background either. This painting is about the hands and the focus should stay there. However I do think you should sharpen up the lower hand. It is ok for the detail to be reduced as it goes out of focus but the entire palm area is a bit too sketchy compared to the rest of it right now.


RicoD/stuh505: Yeah, I still have to do a lot of work on the bottom half of the piece–I can’t decide if the hands should fade at the wrists, or if I should attatch them to a chunk of stone or whatnot. But I think I’m going to go ahead and stick with a simple background to keep the focus on the hands.

And its very interesting to hear everyone’s interpretations!! RicoD is somewhat close to my original idea, but I think it’s best for people to come up with their own. I do really like claymover’s concept though–do you think that I should create more of a difference between the hands (color/texture/etc)? Not too much though, it’s supposed to be subtle :slight_smile:


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