painting: Blue Sword


no life = new painting. Not for anything in particular, just practice. Let me know what you think. =)


Very good coloring. I think its real good. Peace :buttrock:


Very nice, indeed!

You have a very smooth and precise brush style - wich tools do you use to blend the different levels of saturations and light/darks?


thanks - I use round camelhair and smeary round brushes the most. I find they work good for doing just about anything. The trick is to constantly play with the ‘feature’ setting, and when you really need to blend in some color you can pump this up a bit and everything smears together nicely. Then, if you need crisp edges or detail, you just drop the feature down a bit, and your brush strokes become way more fine.


There’s a lot of glowing swords around at the moment… maybe LOTR fans aren’t satisfied with x-men 2 and matrix reloaded coming out? I have no clue what he’s strapped to, it looks really interesting though. Some of the metal looks a little soft, could do with some more contrast and sharper refined edges. And his bicep looks a little flat in comparison to the rest of his muscles, probably because there is a stong highlight on his forearm. Pretty minor stuff all in all.

It’s cool, makes me think of David Lynch’s Dune or maybe star wars… in that it’s desert like colours and he looks like he’s training.


Damn, you must paint like Flash! So Quick! Wicked Awesome!

Cool idea. There’s a couple probs in this one but like you said it’s a quick one… so I’m not going to bother to nit pick. I like the use of the bright blues. It’d be cool if he had another sword in the other hand that came towards the viewer. Good work.


I like u do the water effect!



well for practice this is extremly good, do you have a concet art or was this staight from the top. the only crit is the sword looks small and its glowing.

also it has the matrix feel to it with the cables connectd in the back, like he’s about to go into a kung fu samuri simulation. he’s probaly in level 1.


i had a really quick loose sketch that I scanned in and used as a base to get me started. Oh and the sword is supposed to be glowing…like it’s infused with energy or something. Good idea about the sword coming towards the viewer sketch…but I’m lazy so that’s not going to happen lol.


I know Blackarts… I know:shame:


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