Painting an eye (tutorial/exercise)


KICK!!! @$$!!!..

im book marking this one


I’m sure u just made a whole lot of happy people right now, thanks for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to do this. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


tx linda. great tutorial. :bounce:


Thank you very, very much, although i already did this tutorial when it was only a gif-animation. You are pushing the standards of the cgtalk community. :thumbsup: One question: is it ok to draw the outline of the eyeball right away at step 2?


Thanks for the tutorial :thumbsup:

I’ll give it a try sometime.


Everyone’s quite welcome :] I’m only too happy to give something back to this wonderful community.

jånnis – go right ahead :] I only meant for this to be used as a guideline, or an exercise. If you do paint another eye, I’d love to see it - feel free to post it in this thread (that goes for anyone).


Awesome job. Post more like this, please.


enayla this is amazing! and exactly what i’ve been looking for. ive been working on realistic eyes for a little bit now but just couldn’t get them to look natural! i was giddy when i found your nose tutorial, then your lip and skin tone tutorial appeared and now this! i truely am learning a lot from you, i can’t remotely try to describe how appreciative i am.


oh, and i forgot to say, im so glad your feeling better from the “mishap”! lol! its always lovely seeing your work.


I think I’ve never seen a better tutorial in my life. What people tend to miss out in the tutorials is the explanation itself - they usually go “now add a dark shade there – no, no, no 3 pixels LEFT of that – then splatter some white and add a green and you’re done! OmGz!1! u an aRtst now!”
you explained why we have to put that white there and not over THERE and… waaah, it’s amazing :smiley: it helped my understand an eye’s anatomy a lot better.

thank you so much, Linda :slight_smile:


Vackert öga :stuck_out_tongue: och tack för tuten, tänkte just börja måla digitalt så den kunde inte ha kommit mer lägligt :D.

p.s fint att se mer svenskar här :slight_smile: (speciellt en som kan måla så bra :thumbsup: )


Thanks Enayla! I’ve been mainly doing 3D since I came to CGTalk, but recently I’ve started drawing and looking for tutorials on painting in photoshop (or 2D program of choice). This is one of the better ones. :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Wow, Thanks for the Great tutorial. Your an inspiration to us all…


An absolutely perfect tutorial, perfect for those people beginning. My guess is that even a skilled cg artist would gain from following your guide.

As someone said before, the best tutorials are written like ‘we did xxxx because …’ instead of ‘do xxx then xxx then xxx’.

(This tutorial definitely falls into the ‘best tutorial’ section!)

Thank you so much!



thanx for sharing Enayla, very cool.
dont ya just luv learning something new!


Wow! :applause: this is awesome.

more ?.. :slight_smile:


Always a pleasure to read a piece of the mental process of an artist


Hello. Thanks for the awsome tutorial, I apologize if this has already been asked.
1.) do you have a website?
2.) what prog did u use?
3.) Was this done with the mouse or with a tablet?

-once again, thanks for the awsome tutorial!!



Thank you for sharing!