Painting an eye (tutorial/exercise)


It´s great to see such a nice helpfull tutorial! Thank you for your time Enyala, much appreciated!

P.S. This is one of the great aspects of the CGTalk community - learning from the best in the field! :arteest:


Wow, this is going to be so incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to post it! hugs Your tutorials save my life! :love:


One can’t appreciate a tutorial more than I currently do. I’ll definitely keep this tutorial in mind in the future.

Mycket bra jobbat Linda! Om du någonsin gör en till tutorial i den närmre framtiden så kommer jag att hålla utkik. Förresten, några planer redan nu på vad nästa kommer att vara? :arteest:


Awesome work, and thanks for sharing it. I remember in another thread you mentioned how important eyes are in portraits. I agree. They communicate our emotions and basically add life to the figure…which you have mastered. I’ll have to try using this technique to add more life to my character models. Game art seems to be overflowing with lifeless creations.

I’m becoming a big fan of your work.


Thank you, everyone. I’m glad the tutorial is appreciated.

Chances are that it will be a while before I can do a new tutorial, but when I get around to it, I’m thinking either hair, or face composition, or possibly hands.


nice wlkathrough there, thanks

dQ: did you have tyhe iris prepped from before or did you do it specifically for this eye


Hi Linda,
thanks for this tutorial. I´m sure that this one will improve a lot of people!
Love your job!


Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial! It was really educating and I really love your little notes about common mistakes. I don’t need to mention that the result was stunning, as all of your work :thumbsup:

If you do plan on making another tutorial I vote for the one on face composition.

Tack så mycket för all hjälp och all inspiration, du drar hela CGTalk framåt!


very usefull tuto !!!

thankss !!
c ya !


sweet! thanks. :smiley:


Thanks alot… great stuff… gonna try it out tonight :smiley:


ello, thank u so much for the tutorial, u rock:buttrock:


very nice tut thanks:)


Thank you very much for an excellent tutorial! Very well written and “illustrated”. Like the animated GIF as well. Makes it easy to follow, as well as reading the text.


Thanks for share your knowledges with us, indeed nice tutorial well done!!


Enayla, i m your biggest fan…thanks for this tutorial… is very usefull… :thumbsup:


Great tutorial! I really like how you explain everything thoroughly and point out common errors people tend to make. Thanks for this excellent resource and I hope you do some more in the future.

Back to painting spiders now? :smiley:


Thanks a lot miss Linda. Lovley tutorial and easy to understand :slight_smile:


Wonderful tutorial!:applause: Thanks a lot!

Love the common mistakes parts :thumbsup:


this’l help loads…thanks.