PaintFX leaf turbulence


Anyone had success in being able to animate the leaves only using the turbulence animation controls?
I have created a bonsai tree and wish to add some wind turbulence but the settings arent conducive to effect the leaves only unless Im missing something.

Also it would be awesome if tree/branch or twig growth could be controlled by a pointcloud, this way one could control the number of branches etc as well as where you want the tree or plant to grow towards.


It would be great to have something new on Paint fx, manage by point cloud, for grouth of branches and leaves.
Never good on animating only the leaves, it depend ever on main tree , where the leaves with low segment doesn’t move.


I managed to find a way to isolate the leaves in the turbulence settings but its still not perfect. I think the turbulence settings could have more options here a lot like the pressure mapping on the FX curve itself or maybe just an option on the Tubes/Branches/Twigs like stiffness so you can control the influence of Turbulence animation.


The general method is to lower the leaf stiffness. But also it helps to use the grassWind turbulenceType. The leaves get much more turbulence proportionately with this setting, and it is higher frequency and faster, so you can easily do leaves fluttering in the wind while the branches are more or less stiff.


Problem is the initial tube from the creation tab is affected by the grass turbulence too and I cant see any attributes I need to change to stop that.


The turbulence will always affect the base branches, however if you lower leaf stiffness you can then use really low turbulence that has less effect on the branches, especially when using the grassWind type… also carefully adjust the turbulence so that the frequency and speed are as low as possible… the branches will deform less and move slowly relative to the leaves.


Another technique you could use…
Convert pfx to poly, select the leaves and make nCloth (turn off collisions on the cloth).
Make nCloth inputAttract 1.0, with the locking method. Then under property maps apply a ramp texture to inputAttract map. Make the ramp white at the left going to black about the middle… this will attach the leaves to the branch. Then add turbulence forces or on the nucleus node increase wind noise. (set the drag properties on the cloth to determine the amount of wind effect)