PaintFX custom section on tubes


Hi there;

I have a question about PaintFX since I really don’t know them very well.

I need to make some grass but I need the very single grass blade to have a custom section. In other words, I need the tubes not have a circular section but a custom curve (is not a simple ellipse or anything mathematical).

Is that possible?. If not, it would be very cool to have such an option in a future version of MAYA! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


It isnt possible. You can only fiddle with Brush Profile Flattness to blend between a circular and elliptical profile.
Using custom profile curves and instancing custom geometry into Paint FX brushes would be indeed a very powerful feature, maybe there is hope, since PaintFX got some useful updates in Maya 2014…


maybe you can achieve what you want with the "pfxToArray node" in soup


Thank you, I’ll check if that fits my needs :slight_smile:


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