Painter X Physical Shipment?


I upgraded to Painter X with a physical shipment, and then discovered that apperently it isn’t shipping yet. Anyone have an idea when the physical shipments will occur?


Same thing with my order. There’s even nothing on the my orders tab of the Corel Store. I got the e-mail saying that the order’s been recieved, but nothing more.

I sent off an question to customer support. Hopefully something positive will happen with both of us… soon I hope.


Hi guys,

I just called Corel Customer Service and asked about Painter X shipments.

The answer:

They’ve all been shipped.

I asked why there was a delay in shipments.

The answer:

Upgrades delayed due to a manufacturing hiccup which has been solved.

Calendars delayed as Corel did not receive them on time from the manufacturer. That, too has been solved.


My upgrade was waiting on my doorstep yesterday, so I guess they have shipped them. Now I get to play.


Good to hear the info. I noticed that my order details in the Corel store are now showing up.

Hope I’ll get my upgrade soon. The demo is working very well!


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