Painter X has Arrived!


I have some exciting news on the Painter front:

Painter has reached ten—version 10, that is. Officially known as Corel Painter X, this edition continues to innovate with ground-breaking features. I’ve always enjoyed the point in software development when all of the elements—the features, packaging, advertising layouts, and all of the associated details—finally come together. What was several related concepts congeals —the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Painter X is such a release. Painter was founded on the principle of faithfully capturing the artist’s gesture for the purpose of creative expression. Painter X is no exception to the rule.

The new RealBristle Painting System represents a significant evolution in digital paint tools. RealBristle brushes deftly respond to the subtle nuances of the hand, translating this motion into strokes imbued with complex expression. The result are the most realistic digital brush strokes ever seen. Add a Wacom 6D Pen and the results are further enhanced.

Painter began its life primarily known a start-with-a-blank-canvas artist’s tool. In the intervening years, digital technology has engulfed traditional film-based cameras. The digital camera is now ubiquitous to the point of being an accessory on mobile phones. Likewise, Painter has become an accessory to digital cameras. With these two mediums converged, you can now easily dip your paintbrush into a photograph.

Original Photograph ©Dustine Wallace

Auto-painting using Smart Strokes

Using a photograph as a source image, the enhanced Photo Painting System produces convincing hand-painted results with a single mouse click. This feat is made possible by the Smart Stroke Painting option. Initially analyzing the source image’s content, Smart Strokes dynamically change brush size, stroke length, and pressure based on the detail and focal areas of the original photo. Strokes intelligently follow the forms of the original subject matter. All of this translates into an amazing breakthrough enabling the drawing-challenged to produce remarkable finished art. Smart Stroke Painting is going to be an out-of-the-park homerun for photographers!

100% Detail

In the past, an artist had to pre-mix his color palette to match the painting’s subject matter. Both Painter X’s Match Palette effect and Color Schemes (Underpainting palette) provide the ability to apply another image’s color palette to an existing image. The effect can be deftly subtle—matching the color and tonality of one photograph to another, for example. Or creatively dramatic—applying the palette of Picasso’s Three Musicians to a painting in progress, for example. Try that with traditional tools!

Every time new features are added to Painter, its interface grows. Users, take heart! The new Workspace Manager provides a complete solution for organizing and saving palette, brush, and library visibility. For example, you can now decide which variants you want accessible in each Brush Category, turning off the unused ones in the Workspace Manager (you can turn them back on at any time). Multiple Workspaces can be saved for streamlined workflow depending on the task at hand.

More importantly, saved Workspaces are encapsulated into a single portable file that is easily shared with others—perfect for placing one Workspace with its brushes into many hands. Speaking as an educator, this feature alone makes Painter X worth its weight in gold for teaching workshops.

Both Windows and Mac users have cause for celebration. On the Windows front, Painter X is compatible with Windows Vista™. And on the Mac, Painter is now a Universal Binary, enabling it to run natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based systems.

Beyond the big features, it is the attention to small details that makes Painter X shine. An Auto-Backup feature, session-independent Color Management, Tracker settings that stay put. Little things, but they add up.

I advise you to now get yourself into a seated position. The printed User Guide has returned! What’s next
a paint can? That’s right, Painter X acknowledges its roots through the offer of a limited edition one-gallon paint can. Both the retail packaging and limited edition include an updated Welcome book showcasing Painter art, poster, and a cool compositional aid.

Corel Painter X Limited Edition paint can

It may sound cliché, but this is the best version of Painter ever. Corel has paid a great deal of attention to user requests, as well as the small details that add up to a well-oiled creative expressive machine. Painter’s not getting older—it’s getting better!

Download the free Corel PainterX trial here.

Looking for the best-of-breed in visually expressive software? X marks the spot!

Viva la Painter X!



and I was just about to upgrade to 9.5 from 8 … now Ill have to wait that little longer!



This is the update I’ve been most waiting for for this year :slight_smile:

Now I hope it doesn’t take too long for it to become available in good old europe…


-nice, it is not necessary anymore now to group layers before collapsing them, at least!

                -The new enhanced brush ghosting can inform now of the orientation, tilt and rotation (only Wacom Art Marker) of any brushes (like artrage but with the tilt and roation info added). Anyway it needs few resource i cannot use for that with my poor computer. Fortunately i can deactivate it.

                -I can see now an annoying bug using any circular dab type, the tilt of my stylus changes the position of where i am painting. The problem is if i start a line with my stylus tilted, painter gives this annoying effect
              *EDIT* in fact the bug appeared when i changed the dab type from a RealBristle brush. I think the bug comes from the fact i have not unchecked the "Enable RealBristle" box from the RealBristle panel when i changed for the circular dab type. So there is an easy way to prevent this annoying bug, uncheck this box before changing dab type and everything will be fine.
                -When a selection is active it is still not possible to transform it in layer mask.
                -The new RealBristle acts more natural than any other brushes but for any reason it is only fully controllable by the wacom art marker. There is no means to use the bearing of your stylus to control orientation. It is available in two new dab types, "Blend Camel Hair" and "Blend Flat". But it can be used with all of these dab types: Camel Hair, Flat, Palette Knife and Bristle Spray.
Here the controls (image made by [dddo](

A really good new brush!
          - We can now transform any shape with scale, rotate or flip but it is still not possible with text layer. Anyway the adjust tool from the toolbox still allows these kind of operation.
         -We don't need anymore to activate again the "Screen Mode Toggle" when we are hiding palettes.
         -*EDIT* Your cursor changes now when you are resizing vertically any combined panels (as the layers and channels panel). (i thought it was impossible in IX version lol)

-Painter X uses now integrated thumbnail in its saved files and psd files created in Painter can now be previewed in other third party program.

-When you are opening an image in painter X, the open window allows you to use a "browse" button which gives you the possibility to see all the thumbnails from a folder. BUT painter seems still unable to preview common files from other program.
        -we still need to select the canvas "layer" before painter allows to use the "Canvas Resize..." option.
        -and the old bug when resizing the canvas to bottom and right area is still there. This bug does not allow to paint on layers on these added areas. There is still the two solutions to correct that: 
    -move the layer and undo this command.
    -or save and reload your document.
                I need time to test it more now


I guess everyone knows how much you identify with that product/project of yours, so congratz on the new version!

I looked through the X presentation page on and I don’t exactly get the realbristle thing… I watched the presentation video and the strokes did look fine, but maybe someone could explain what the technical improvements are?

The workspace manager looks awesome! That alone might justify an upgrade.

Are there any technical issues with running IX.5 and the X-trial on the same PC? I don’t wanna ruin my existing installation of IX.5, you know…:smiley:


OMG, I lost all my contacts and email account when I changed last year from my older job to the present one, and I haven’t received any news about the beta testing! :sad::scream:

It seems like a nice effort to get back to the strongest points of Painter, plus adding long-time requested new features. I think I am going to love this new version of my favourite software, and maybe it makes me change from my old Wacom Intuos to a brand new Wacom 3…Let’s see what my wife says (he he , I know I have the kids on my side in whatever is related to a Wacom).

How much will it be upgrading from 9.5 to X? I’ll take a look at corel’s web when I get back home…

UPDATE: 219USD the upgrade…and IT HAS A COMPOSITION TOOL!!! I had just bought a plugin for Photoshop that does that same thing (obviously, to be used with PIX.5).


I guess it’s something you have to try. It’s the way it reacts to your pressure, your tilt, the angle of your pen that makes it special. For instance, press harder and the bristles “fan out” like real bristles.

It’s at its best on a tablet.

None that I’m aware of. I run Painter 8, IX and X on the same system with no issues.


i was looking forward to this update soooooo much… but found it rather disappointing after downloading the demo. there are some improvments on ix.5 but for me at least it doesn’t yet seem worth the upgrade (only had it for 1hour) i mean sure it seems more stable- but i was actually expecting there to be a stability patch for the version i already paid for. well i guess this remains to be seen. before i was thinking i’ll upgrade painter not photoshop but now i think it’ll be the other way around…

i stand corrected it isn’t even more stable :’(


do you still get the little box preview when you use a filter … please God I hope they have got rid of that!!!

just downloaded the trial version and as I expected yes we are still forced to use the small box preview. Would have been nice if we were given some more dynamic layer plugins like adjust colors. Still cant flip a group without the group flipping out.

just did a quick side side test between 9.5 and 10 and the brushes seem to give the same performance and speed.

unless Im missing something … I see no reason to get the upgrade ???


Although the preview is small, at least you can pan it by clicking and dragging so it’s not completely useless.

It’s up to you to decide if you want the upgrade or not. I think that a lot of people are going to like the new Real Bristle brush. Or the fact that you can share your workspace(s) (or have multiple workspaces). Or that you can customize your workspace, turning off features you don’t use. Or that Painter now only uses 15 MB per user instead of the old 150 MB in Painter IX (great if you have multiple users on your computer). Or the full Vista compliance (or Universal Binary, if you’re on Mac). Etc.

To each his own. I think it’s a great version.


nice to see

actually I did a quick test to see if this is true and found that Painter X is more memory hungry. The task manager showed that for the same pictures X used atleast 10% more memory … :sad:


Hi Philippe,

After using Painter for 12 years, through 7 versions, I’m delighted to say that I agree.

Painter X is a terrific version with several new features most Painter artists will love, and which they’ll find make their work far easier, more efficient, more exciting, and more fun.

Sincere thanks to the whole Painter Team at Corel for all their hard work, and for presenting us with a marvelous new Painter X!

(The “whole Painter Team” includes Rick Champagne, Corel Painter Product Manager, the Painter development team, the Painter X website designers and producers, the Marketing folks, and the Painter Masters who contributed such beautiful artwork… not to mention the others at Corel who worked behind the scenes and deserve as much appreciation.)

As John says,

Viva la Painter X!


I’m assuming that this version X Painter will work on both the 32 bit and 64 bit Vista…

Yeah…I’m getting this for sure.


Seems nice so far although the “RealBristle” seems to use a totally arbitrary brush angle, perhaps I need to check wacom and see if there’s an updated driver (although it seems to be seeing the angle of my pen just fine from the preview).

It should work as an actual hogshair or fan brush would with the angle most typically set so the head is flat and even on the surface (compared to whatever direction the brush handle is facing), that way you can use it’s shape to actually cut an sharp edge and line painting sideways and paint accross a form naturally when painting accross, controlling the angle before you start and finish the stroke, as opposed to the painter rather odd palette knife assumption of 90 degrees out for pen angle control of brush angle and the seemingly arbitrary angle used in the realbristle brush where it seems like you can’t control angle before starting a stroke at all… or even during really (though I’m asuming there is some logic involved, so far it’s evaded me), as it crashed on trying to access the help I may have to wait on that one till a fix is made available.


Modifying the “Angle” setting slider in the brush settings Under “Angle” doesn’t update the actual value in the numeric input.

Accessing anything in the “Help” menu = instaboom.



It does that for me, too. My solution, until Corel provides one is to either:

[li]Type the Angle degree number then click in a blank area of the Angle palette, outside the number field, or[/li][li]Move the Angle slider, then click in a blank area of the Angle palette, outside the number field.[/li][/ul]Using either method updates the Angle degree number field.

Accessing anything in the “Help” menu = instaboom.

Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions for this one yet.


Yup it seems the angle for “RealBristle” brushes is uncontrollable currently. Is this setting designed to only work with the “Artpen” perhaps? (did no-one test it with a normal tablet pen?). Even when dragging horizontally (which is it’s default “flat” angle it seems) it starts out twisted and unds up rotating out to it’s flat angle if your tilt is too great.

Shame as otherwise i could see that this would make for a pretty interesting brush variant, especially if it had some more grainy loading control, integration with the artists oils effects and perhaps per brustle drying out (or handling of the effect of more dry brushing effects and a something akin to the classic graphic paintbrush before the brushing engine changed and stopped that from working properly).


Ok to solve the mystery of the twisting bristles, it’s actually related to bearing after all in a strange way, it seems it’s been set up totally for either a right handed person (which I am not) or is instrinsically linked to the angle of the brush (which is apparently semi-fixed in place unless apparently you use an art pen), if you angle your pen towards the right and pain accross you get flat strokes with no twists. The twisting is coming from the simulation simply trying to be accurate (and that’s fine, if only there were a way to actually control the brush angle without having to buy or use the artpen), so it’s not a bug as such.


Ok, perhaps this is linked to the nonresponsive RealBristles, but it seems that none of the brush previews rotation/angles show any relation to the actual rotation during painting, even on such simple things as the felt pens, the brush preview stays solidly horizontal throughout the stroke regardless of how the angle expression is set, this makes it seem rather confusing to use.

Either no-one tested with a non artpen, or Painter is totally geared towards/locked into the artpen thing (which given the fact that the artpen isn’t even standard with wacom tablets seems a bit, uh, unfair shall we say).

Does anyone know if Corel added a flat opacity method yet as opposed to it’s flow method? Something like photoshops handling of brush opacity rather than painters constant build-up which will eventually reach 100% solid regardless of the opacity setting (which really should be renamed “flow”).

  1. Don’t believe everything the Task Manager tells you. It’s not very precise.

  2. I was writing about space on disk, not RAM footprint. New Painter features (like RealBristle) require more RAM, of course. But nothing significant.

And the startup times are now much faster…