Painter Wishlist


I thought it’d be a good idea to get a Painter wishlist going(I’ve done them at sijun, eatpoo, conceptart…etc and mailed them to Corel, but we should keep doing it since no app is ever perfect).

Before posting your wishlist, please double check with the manual to make sure they aren’t just features you didn’t know about.



1)Customizable shortcut keys

2)Faster/easier to use transform tools like Photoshop

3)When tweaking contrast/color…etc, should be able to preview the change on the entire image like Photoshop.

4)Flip Horizontal/Vertical, which affects all the layers at once.

5)Get rid of brush artifacts when painting on a seperate layer. For example, when I blend on a new layer with Opaque Round, with the resaturation turned to 0, I get ugly dark marks that shouldn’t be there.

6)Get rid of the white marks when working on a layer with the “Pick Up Underlying Color” turned off.

7)Be able to actually merge layers, not just group them, in one easy step, like Photoshop.

8)Have a simple, no-frill brush set that’s exactly like Photoshop’s default round brushes.

9)Have a polygonal lasso tool like Photoshop.

10)Have a line tool like Photoshop. The current line mode for brushes is stupid.

11)Fix the zoom(Photoshop is guilty of this too). Check out how Compupic Pro does their zoom/shrink. It’s absolutely brilliant.

12)Have a good stamp tool like Photoshop’s.

13)Let us use whatever tool we want on the Mixer pad. I hate the current tool on it.


Nice idea - and seen the other ones you’ve put together…

You’ve brought up most of my gripes - so I’ll only include

  1. Working 32 bit Targas
  2. Reduced brush lag on certain types

and lastly preventing Painter from being an increasing memory hog - at work I often have it open for hours - and I wish it didn’t begin to suck more and more memory as time goes on - a sign that something leaky is happening under the hood, so to speak


Short suggestion because I don’t want to take this topic off its course:

When you say something is “stupid”, make it clear what you mean.

When you ask for something just like Photoshop has, describe the characteristics of that item that you want included in Painter.

As Rob suggested, make sure you fully understand the options available. For instance, one cause of “memory leak” is the fact that the Pre-built Brush File continues to grow as you paint and can grow very large, very quickly depending on which brush variants are used. The Painter scripts file also continues to grow up to having saved scripts for a maximum of 10 days. Libraries for brushes and art materials can use up too much memory if you’ve allowed them to become too large by adding to them.

Be specific, learn what’s already available.

Then it’s more likely that your request both can be considered and will be considered.

If you’re not absolutely sure about something, post in a new thread to find out. Then add to this wish list if your request is still appropriate.


When I say make it like Photoshop, I meant identical. :wink: Photoshop’s editing tools are so perfected that I don’t really have any complaints. I wish I could say the same for Painter. If you’re going to have editing tools, might as well make it powerful and easy to use, so that we don’t have to to open up Photoshop just to access some functions.


Line issue addressed in this thread:


Fair points.

Without wishing to go off topic tho I still tend to think that anything that makes a new user go ‘damn… this seems slow’ is ‘broken’ no matter the work around or reason. Yes - the brush file grows - but when it grows to an extent that my copy of the program is pulling in 512 or so of ram… its a problem - and one a programmer at Corel should have gone ‘hmmm - y’know… there must be a way we can stop this happening…’

Whenever this kind of stuff occurs, or I see something in (any) package running slowly or erratically I tend to involuntarily compare it to other packages.

For example - watercolour brushes are pretty - but very slow touse, especially at larger sizes. And I can’t help but use them thinking ‘hmmmm - ones to avoid’ - or to think of photoshop and the way this brush lag never occurs. (while appreciating that Painter has far superior brush tools in the first place of course… :slight_smile: )

In the end I suppose I can never figure out why companies don’t simply look around at the field they work in, study their competitiors and say ‘listen -y’think our users might appreciate us making (say) gradiants more like photoshop? - it seems pretty popular…’ (hence I agree completely with Lunatique about painter copying photoshop’s editing tools…)

But this is now way off topic - so I’ll shut up now.


Just two things about the MIxer:

I wish the colours you pour on the mixer didn’t blend with Mixer’s background colour (white, etc…I have it fixed to a neutral brown).

I wish the mixer could mix pigment colours instead of light colours. I mean, that mixing blue and yellow resulted in green… But I guess this is quite complex to implement.


Rotation and scale, are the absolute worst I ahve seen in a product. It doesn’t size like you can see it, its a guessing game, and distort? Whoa ther ya go, distort something without being able to see a proxy image of what your distorting. Its a good thing I ahve Photoshop, I always have to ahve both programs open at the same time.

Spontaneous size changes, sometimes saving a file to PSD, it will take a typical image say, 4 x 5 @ 300 dpi and when i bring it into PhSp it somehow made it proportional but at 72dpi, but now its like 10 x 12 or something.

But I just get used to it and work around it, save extra files etc…

When you have Photoshop, some things just aren’t worth an upgrade.


dodge and burn brushes that work right.

those tools are the olny things keeping me from using painter all the time


Custom palettes that you can edit, like adding a short descriptive name underneath each brush like shelves in Maya.

More control-points to distort an image or selection. (like a lattice, but then in 2d). And see a preview of that in the viewport.


the default workflow with brushes really slows me down.

I should be able to flip between a dozen different brushes without having to pick and choose…i should be able to use hotkeys to do ALL of it

eg: (i use photoshop as an example because they set the standards on UI) I would like to use a particular brush but have the freedom to change the falloff hardness/softness and even the mask it uses without having to use the brush editor or scroll through menus. It doesnt make sense to have 1 brush with 3 different variations in just size-there are hotkeys for that. Custom Palletes are just not enough to do this.

-it would eliminate tremendous redundancies in the brush presets, and speed things up…which means its a heck of lot easier to learn and use.


Originally posted by buzzz3d
[B]Custom palettes that you can edit, i.e. remove brushes from a custom palette

Mo [/B]

-this is all possible in 8.1 at least -read the help files on that


Originally posted by 2byts
-this is all possible in 8.1 at least -read the help files on that

Are you sure about that? I thought I read somewhere that with the 8.1 upgrade custom palettes were back, but that you still couldn’t edit them.


use shift while dragging the icon out of the custom pallette-

to rearrange the icons in the pallette -use shift while dragging

(all this is in the help files)


I’d love to be able to load more than one color on a brush. I know that right now you can, but only to a certain extent. For example you can paint with gradients, but only on projected or rendered brushes. I wan to be able to take and oil brush and load a color on each side and paint with that.

Maybe if they made an interface that would let you load the color onto the brush just like in traditional media. Some sort of 3dbrush with a palette.

eh who knows.

Oh! And the colored pencils brush set should be refined, the colors don’t react quite like they should, instead of blending pigment they tend to become steadily darker with the addition of more colors…that is natural and to be expected, but the speed with which it takes place is waaaay to fast. It take squite a lot of colors to produce the muddy blackish/brown color that comes from dark red and blue. I just wish it reacted more like Prismacolor pencils do in real media, without me haveing to make a custom brush set.


I would like the ability to see thumbnails of painter files in windows explorer like with just about every other graphic program on the planet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I would also like to see them build in a project function that lets you define a working file, and a “save out” file – in other words, with one keystroke, I’d like to simultaneously save a .RIF file, and a .jpg, .tif, or whatever other universal file type I need at the moment, without having to keep going “save as…” and having to remember to keep saving as a RIF so as not to lose my layers and so forth.
I’d also like the file extensions to not be capitalized by default.
But I think in Painter 8 they changed that; I’m using 7 now. :
I also like the many of the old Painter 5 brushes much better than those in Painter 6 and forward. I wish they would at least have kept the oil brushes the same. I still use the oil brushes from painter 5 but they don’t work well on layers. the new oil brushes just don’t cut it for me. I really liked the way the old ones moved the pixels around while blending hue.
Well that’s about it. I’m a confirmed Painter addict so I don’t have too many other complaints. I’ve used it since the first version and I’ve used Photoshop since its second version, and I still prefer Painter for artistic painting projects.


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I have Paiter 3D developed by Metacreations and was about to buy Painter 8 when I discovered that you can not import 3D models. Where do I go for the feature capability that Painter 3D had. Will Lightwave 8 have them. TIA


You should probable check out Deep Paint 3d.


You can throw down symmetry in a 3D app, why can’t you throw down an axis in 2D and have the brush mimic your actions along that plane?