Painter Tutorials


Post your Painter tutorial sites in here, I’d like to know because Painter tutorials are hard to find.


I hope this is worthy this time, Shade. :

from the site:


One of my favorites:

This site has both painter and ‘real’ (non-digital) art tutorials.

Again, non painter, but works extremely well within painter - some reallife water coloring classes.


Nice painting tutorial shows how to draw the woman body.


i would like to see tutorials that arent so theoritical. if i allready “know” how to paint, but dont know how to handle a program. get it? :slight_smile:


This might be early to suggest but how about making a sticky thread for tuts and tips/tricks.

Thanks for the links.


Here are a couple for fantasy style painting, and general painter use…


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Too bad Don Seegmiller shut down his tutorials on his website…He had some great stuff there. Still though, I definately have to plug his book “Digital Character Design and Painting” and his website

He has a lot of Painter images that are well worth your time browsing through.



PaulSchoeni - I was considering buying “Digital Character Design and Painting” but opted for Painter 8 WOW so I can grasp the general program first. Now I’m starting to understand the program I was wondering, is this character design & painting book any good?



Hell yah its good lots of custom brushes and textures. I did a workshop with him at Cal State good guy amazing artist the stuff he showed us was amazing the art work that hadnt been published was some of the best stuff I have seen. Go get the book. The painter 8 wow book bites big time to me you will learn more from his book then the wow book for sure.


ermm… here’s a chessy one to add


We have a number of step-by-step tutorials for 2D painting and texturing for 3D using Painter (or PSP). Most involve trees & foliage. Use the tutorials link in the menu frame.

Hope to add some for painting game/architectural backgrounds and matte paintings soon.

Have fun,


The tutorial’s seegmillerart is down since a long time but you can see this page on

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well u can try this great Tutorial by A painter artist Robertocampus

check out the Tutorial section … it’s dazzling




I’m a painter nube, looking for a tutorial on basic painter setup - ie, any special options that I need to check etc. and any other painter basics



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Another script for Painter 7 from the most famous our russian artist Anry ( This time he draws a ring. No, not the Ring-From-Orcs-And-Hobbits. Just a very expressive ring. :slight_smile:


any way for that to work in painter8???