Painter , RenPeng Dong (3D)


Title: Painter
Name: RenPeng Dong
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hello guys,I am a new.This is my first time to use ZBrush,and also is my first time to make a personal CG-character work.I want to create a stone-man who paints himself with a kind of magical paint,so that he looks like a real human,and the character in my work is just myself.
I used 3dsMax to make the base model,and the details were made in ZBrush.Character texture was projected by Spotlight in ZBrush and other texture was painted in Photoshop.Lighting and rendering were done in 3dsMax with Vray.Hair was made by hair&fur in 3dsMax.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Stone Version:

Full color Version:




Great work!


Wonderful! Great concept and superb execution! Paint could look a bit more realistic compared to the rest (although it’s magic paint:), but really nothing to crit. Especially like the way you sculpted the cloth. Timescope on this?


Like the work


Brutally awesome! you did an impressive job on the cloth folds specially knowing it was your first time in ZBrush if the folds are all sculpted. well-done!


Fantastic idea ! The shirt is extremly well modelled, in fact everything has so much details ! I just think that left shoulder is maybe a little bit too long, his left arm feels a bit off. But that’s not even an issue, just a nitpick :rolleyes:
Five applauding smileys to you :applause::applause::applause::applause::applause:


Incredible work and execution, the clothes are ridiculously well sculpted, congratulations, great piece of art! :applause:


Great work :applause: !
Stone Version - the result is more volumetric. I like this result.
The idea of ​​super!


Really cool idea, looks great!


Wow! Very good work. Its realistic and like a paint in the same time.
Brilliant! Congrats!


hahahaha! Awesome idea!!! :lightbulb



nice idea and great work, Congrats!


Premium work. Very nice idea and perfect execution. The attention to detail is astonishing. Hen Hao :beer:


do u have qq NUMBER?


Thanks all some info:


close up:


Great idea and very nicely done. The best cg clothes I’ve seen. :thumbsup:


Awesome Idea and realization, very, very good!

5* for sure!



it is good! I like it, and by the way , say hello to Xu Jian