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Does anyone know why different countries have different costing of Painter 8?

From corels online store, painter 8 for america is


the United Kingdom version is US$553

Italian is US$430

Australian US$398

(all prices converted to USD for compairsen in

Have I made a mistake here, or this is correct?


I believe this has to do with the exchange rates between countries.


Yes, but that should be accounted for like with most other software. Basically, coming from the UK I would have to pay almost double the american version price for the same bit of kit.

oh well, i think someone else posted around that its on sale at amazon at the price that it ‘should’ be if the american version was the base rate for all the currencies


Well … this is britain you’re talking about - traditionally one of the most expensive countries on the planet (outside Japan). From CD’s to cars to software the US has far cheaper goods.

Which sucks - but hey… :stuck_out_tongue:


No one should pay full price for Painter when Corel themselves makes it easy for you to buy it for a lot less!

Basically, all Wacom tablets sold in the US (even the $99 Graphires) comes with Painter Classic. And you can upgrade from Painter Classic to the latest version of Painter for only $130!

And if you don’t own a Wacom tablet, Painter is useless to you anyways.


Actually the price of software in Japan is quite resonable . Wacom Tablets cost less then half of what they do in the UK. I saw a Wacom Intuos 2 A4 going for £170 brand new in one shop and an A4 intuos 1 going for £100 in another.

I think the reason that it costs more in certain countries is that in general a business will charge as much as for a product as they can (which makes sense since the ultimate goal of any business is to make as much profit as possible). I am sure if we in the UK stopped buying software because we thought it was too expensive the prices would come down. It isn’t fair but it is the way most companies operate.:shrug:


Have you ever checked into OEM software? Some of the websites that sell OEM software have products from Corel. I saw Corel Painter anywhere from $90-$150. It’s the commercial version, however you don’t get the box or manual (you do get access to the online help)

Also try Ebay, I got Corel Painter 8 for $90 including shipping and handling. It’s the full, legal version.

I did a search for OEM software on this forum and couldn’t find anything, including a warning not to post anything about it. If it’s something that shouldn’t be discussed then tell me so and I’ll edit this post. I can’t think of what would be wrong with it though



If your parents didn’t already teach you that stealing is not OK, you certainly know it by now if you’re old enough to be using a computer and posting to a message board.

If not, the world is in far worse shape that I hope it is.

In addition, by your own statement, you read the “warning not to post anything about it”, so you obviously…

Know darned well you should not be posting anything about it. Give us a break.

Congrats for owning a full, legal version of Painter 8. Keep up the good work!

Painter 8 is available through Wacom and Corel at good prices if you own a Wacom tablet, if you’re eligible for upgrade pricing, or you buy a Wacom tablet and Painter 8 together.

Corel Site: The Perfect Bundle - Corel Painter 8 and a Wacom Tablet

Or upgrade to Painter 8 alone:

Painter 8 Upgrade Eligibility

Painter 8 Upgrade Pricing and Extra Tossed In While Supplies Remain Available - KPT Collection

Software piracy and promoting the use of software piracy is irresponsible, to say nothing of unethical and illegal. It hurts the sotware companies, no matter what your peers tell you. They’re wrong if they say it doesn’t.

If it hurts the software companies, it hurts all of us.

So be responsible and do the right thing. You know what that is.



I’m not sure where you read into my post that I stole anything. I won Corel Painter 8 on ebay for $90. Sealed with its’ own serial number, product autheticity card, and both cd’s. Thanks but no thanks on your little speech there.

In addition, by your own statement, you read the “warning not to post anything about it”, so you obviously…

Know darned well you should not be posting anything about it. Give us a break.
Read it again, I said I could not find anything with regards to oem software. So I’ll just brush off that little sermon you gave.

If it is illegal in any way then I’d sure like to know. This is all I’ve been able to find:

OEM means “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” OEM software is a full version of a program used by system builders and computer manufacturers. It is identical to the Retail Box version, but does not include a manual, a box, or installation support from the manufacturer. Support is usually still available on the manufacturer’s web site or on a paid-per-incident basis. OEM versions will usually include the software in the form of a CD-ROM, the Certificate of Authenticity, the product key code, the license, and a registration card. If you buy a Microsoft OEM or DSP version that does not have all of these items, there is a good chance that the software is not authentic.
I have not purchased any oem software as I’m still checking into it myself. Apparently you know something I don’t since you were so quick to accuse me. Instead of being a jerk about it you could have simply informed me as to why oem is illegal.




No, I don’t know anything you don’t, even that I jumped to a conclusion and should have thought more… or just gotten some much needed sleep before jumping all over you.

You probably won’t believe this now, but I’m not really a witch… booo! :wink:

I read your post too fast and misunderstood it too fast.

Please accept my apologies, take a deep breath, and don’t let me spoil your day.

Jinny (who still need some sleep)


Apology accepted.

People make mistakes and I’ve never been one to dwell on them.:smiley:



Ok. I guess I’ll jump in the fire here…

How is OEM software illegal? It just has to be purchased with computer hardware to satisfy the legal requirements (from my limited understanding).

I’m asking not to start crap, but because I read the above posts and to me it made it seem that OEM software is illegal… I’m confused.


sorry ,didn’t read kyan post carefully…


just a big misunderstanding.

I was merely suggesting oem might be something to look into, and as far as I can tell it’s entirely legal but I’m not sure.

It just seems like one of those “too good to be true” kind of things, like there has to be a catch or something. Seriously, if anyone has some information about it please share!


I purchased the license for my trial copy of Painter 8 (came with Wacom tab) at

There were some promotions going on and, at the time, I got it for $49.99. Wow.

Look around and I’m sure you can find cheap software from many many sources.


The wacom painter upgrade is probably the best way to get painter. I got my tablet about 3 years ago and didn’t take advantage of the upgrade offer until last year and they still honored that price. So in case anyone’s wondering if there’s a time limit on upgrading there doesn’t seem to be.


may be need RMB120000 IN CHINA



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