Painter ix.5 compatible to Vista??


Hi everywone,

I am about to purchase painter ix.5 and just want to know whether this version is compatible to Windows Vista. Has anyone made any experiences with it?

For those who wonder why I don’t buy painter x:

  1. It’s not available in Germany (where I live) yet
  2. There’s an amazing offer in Germany so you can get it for about Euro 170!!!

Thanks in advance for any answer.



Only Painter X was developed to be compatible with Vista.

I don’t know if you’d be able to use Painter IX.5 in Vista but suggest that you post the question on the Corel Painter IX.5 and Painter X newsgroups:

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c.Painter X

Good luck!



Sorry about the double post.


I don’t know if it is or isn’t but why not try the free trial first if it’s still available? I have Vista now and as of yet I haven’t had a problem with pre-Vista programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. I understand that others have and to run them, you have to be logged in as admin to Vista. May be the case with PainterIX too? I don’t know but share with us if you have success or not. It’s a very good question.


Thanks for your answers.
@Jinbrown: That’s a good idea. I will do so.

@Tomt: I don’t have Vista yet. I think I will use xp for at least 1 year and then maybe switch to Vista … . So my main concern is that I buy a quite expensive product now, which I can only use for a short period of time.

If someone else has experience with xp on Vista, I would be more than happy to get your advise. :slight_smile:


Hi SaigonCity.
I have some good news for you :slight_smile:
Some months ago I employed a similar offer for Painter IX.5 here in Italy. I used it normally under Win XP Pro for some time.
Very recently I installed also Windows Vista Business on my PC, and in this period I am experimenting how the different programs work under it. So I installed Painter IX.5, and until now I did not find any problem (also the speed seems quite similar to XP). If you desire some specific info please ask.




As far as I know, there are only a few issues with Vista and Painter IX.5

  • The Welcome Book does not show up
  • You can’t use the pen gestures/pen flicks

Other than that, it seems to run fine.


Could you say more about that? What exactly do you mean? That could be serious or it could be trivial. Which pen gestures? And what exactly do you mean by ‘pen flicks’?



Windows Vista has merged Windows XP standard with Windows XP TabletPC edition. Therefore, by default, if you plug in a tablet under Windows Vista, it will try to get you to use “gestures” or “flicks” with your tablet to (for example) edit text, move back/forward in a browser, etc…

As you can imagine, Painter wants to talk to the tablet too. So the two uses conflict, and if you want to use Painter IX.5 in Vista, you have to disable Gestures and Flicks in the Tablet control panel (globally).

Painter X disables the Gestures and Flicks for itself only, not for the whole system.

So unless you want to use Gestures, it’s trivial. If you want to use Gestures, get Painter X…


I can assure that in my case (Vista Business and Painter IX.5, both in Italian), the Welcome Book shows up normally.




Thanks a lot for your informative answers. It’s good to hear that Painter will work with Vista, so I just made my decision and I will buy Painter ix.5. It’s an offer I cannot deflect :wink:

Thanks again!!!


But what are these “gestures” or “flicks” that you keep referring to? Is it something new in Vista? :shrug:


Yes Improv, Vista introduces new functionalities for Wacom pen tablets. For a short introduction to “gestures”, take a look here:

It is not related to Painter, but I am quite surprised also from the quality of the handwriting recognition.




As I said, Vista merged XP Tablet PC with XP Regular. So it’s new in the sense that it was only available in the Tablet PC edition of XP before.

On Tablet PCs, gesture-based navigation allows you to use a pen to “draw” a symbol that the computer interprets, and to which you would assign a command.

For example, you could draw a gesture (like go left, then down) and that could mean “Back” in your Web browser.

Just google for gesture and tablet pc, you should find more info about it. All I know is that Painter IX.5 does not work correctly with it (I don’t use gestures myself).


I’m not interested in tabletPCs, so that explains why I never heard of those terms. Just more bait to get suckers to ‘upgrade’ to Vista. Sorry, I’m trying to eliminate eye cand y in the os-not add to it! :rolleyes:

Until 64 bit everything-OS, hardware drivers, cpu, software,etc I’ll stick with XP and just upgrade hardware, thank you very much.

Bottom line here, Corel never said that Painter IX.x was made for Vista. If it does work on Vista, that’s just a nice bonus. Painter X however ***IS***made to work on Vista, so just upgrade from IX–>X. No big deal.


:wip: I wake up this old thread for a question related to a personnal problem with Painter 9.5 & Vista.

Last year I purchased a Painter 9 and upgrade it with the free updater on corel site to the 9.5 on XP.

Since I’m on Vista, I can install my Painter 9 , but I can’t launch the Upgrader installer to the 9.5. Anyone had this problem ?

The difference between 9 and 9.5 is so big that I can’t imagine live without ! :cry:


I found how to resolve my problem after a lot of logical trying.

my tip is here :

  1. Install your painter IX on antother PC with windows XP Operating System. Enter your code… etc… Make a clean registration.
  2. Install first *.msi package to upgrade to corel Painter 9.1 ( still on Windows Xp installation )
  3. Install secondly *.msi package to upgrade to corel Painter 9.5 ( still on Windows Xp installation ).
  4. Copy on a CD-Rom the entire new installation : Programs Files/Corel/ directory.

go on your Vista O.S :
5. Download the trial version of “Painter IX.5” ( the version with all the upgrade compiled )
6. Install it with admin mode.
7. Copy from your CD all the files that are root in the Painter IX directory + the register directory ( not all others directory ) to the Programs Files/Corel/ in Vista.
8. On the Painter.exe, click right , change the compatibility for Windows Xp Sp2, run always in admin mode.
9. That’s all !

I try many way, and I’m happy this way is ok, and use my registration key , so legal.
I hope help other than me with those tip. It was hard and play on my nerves !


I would just like to say that PainterX will not run well on Vista. I recently got a new HP 9575 laptop for work, and I was forced to downgrade to XP because the brushes lagged slightly in both PhotoshopCS3 and PainterX. This is with an Intel 2gHz dualcore and 2gb of ram.


Kaftan> You can be happy that your Hp had Xp compatible driver.
On mine, no way to reinstall a Xp , hardware strictly made for Vista.

Now I have photoshop Cs2 and use it about more 6 hour / day on vista; run like a charm.
Painter IX is stable too , but I had to do my tricks above.

Sad to learn Cs3 and PainterX are buggy on Vista… :sad:


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