Paint weights not working


Hi, I ran into an issue on a scene where the paint weights tool does not work or display weights on a model. I cannot edit or see any heat map of the weight. Its using advanced viewport, maya 2019, and the tool works in a previous version of the scene. I restarted maya, but no luck, seems like an odd bug.

Any insight would be great! I cannot see my weight maps on anything in this particular version of the scene.


try this
make sure you are in vertex selection mode and selected the verts you want to paint the weights for.


Hi Hominid, thanks, but no luck with that. I literally open a previous scene, select the object and then paint weight tool and it lets me see and paint weights. In the other scene, it does not, really odd.


umm make sure viewing textures is turned on


Yep, that is off, its using default shading. I saw online others ran into the same issue…with random ways of fixing it, none of which worked for me yet