Paint / texture Mudbox models?


How do you paint / texture Mudbox models? Do you have to export it to another program to do that? If so, what program? Thanks.


Maxon’s BodyPaint should make you happy.

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This is the down side of new “hip” programs, people never seem to learn the basics first. A “mudbox” model is textured as any other model :]




I tend to use that “CreateSuperAwesomeTextures” button when it comes to using mudbox.

That, or photoshop, as you would for any other package. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or get ZBrush; you can do it right in there. :rolleyes:


RTM? It’s right there in the program.


You can paint your textures onto your UVs before you sculpt then just load your painted textures into Mudbox for sculpting reference if you want.


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