Paint texture in 3D


What do you think, what is the best useful software to paint texture in 3d, paint easy the seams…

Bodypaint? Mudbox? ZBrush? … or?


Where have you been this past year? Mari came along and blew everything else out of the water :slight_smile:


Here is a link to the site.
Hands down the best texture tool on the market today!
Just know that you can forget about using it if you have anything other then a high end Nvidia graphics card. Sorry no ATI.


I prefer done all my work in modo. Paint is not he best, but is nice (have not the flexibility of Mari, but has level (who cannot be blender togher) and can be more flexible in paint compared to Zbrush) and if you find some issue in your UVmap or geometry in general can edit in fly.

For big studio is the usual doing all in different software, but for me doing so remember the old LW day where modelling in one software and transfer all in another for rendering… hate this.


Also forget about Mari if you work for games.


Did you refer to me? If yes, why?


Mari looks neat, but it is very neat-picking about graphic card you posses, I have constant crashing with him, and as mentioned mudbox, body paint and modo can help you a lot, and you dont have to worry about graphic card.


3D Coat is another option.


Also, mai is not so fluid like Mudbox for paint: Mari can handle better and bigger texture, but I don’t need and prefer the more speed modo/mudbox/zbrush/3dcoat approach.

Agree, 3dcoat is another nice (and better then modo and zbrush) alternative.


Thanks for your advice, I see Mari and I think good.
Earlier I used BodyPaint and DeepPaint, and I did not like much.
I see Mari will be better.

I d like paint 8k texture and I have asus gtx560ti.

I will try soon.


Mudbox has invested a lot in its paint toolset the past few years.

[li]True 3d paintbrushes (more intuitive, faster, and higher quality than screen projection)[/li][li]PSD compatible layer stack, with blend modes and layer masks[/li][li]New gigatexel engine for painting billions of pixels[/li][li]Stencils for projection workflows[/li][li]BW and RGB stamps[/li][li]Multi-channel material display, including transparency[/li][li]Ptex painting[/li][li]Single-click interop with Maya[/li][li]…[/li][/ul]


Every 3d paint app has its own advantages and disadvantages. Personally I like mudbox for doing my painting. Since I already use mudbox for sculpting, its nice to be able to keep the model in a single package for both sculpting and painting, rather than transferring it back and forth. Also, you can paint directly on the displaced model, which makes it easier to line up paint with displaced details, and you can paint directly on a subdivided surface. Mari has a stronger set of 2d paint tools, since you’re basically painting in 2d and then baking it down to your mesh. I’d recommend trying both for yourself and see which one of the many 3d paint apps you prefer.

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I was talking about Mari, just posted a bit later after your message (I was referring to the predecessing one). Mari doesn’t work with overlapped uvw clusters, and therefore can’t be used for most game texturing.
I use bodypaint, and from what it looks, Mudbox is better for texturing already. Tried texturing in Zbrush, a real nightmare… and I guess with their approach they didn’t improve it much.


Mari is great if you have the hardware to run it. And if you don’t have the supported graphics card, make sure Mari works stable on yours before you start accepting any projects.

My i7-2630 laptop has 2GB GT555M but can’t run the newer versions of Mari. Funny enough, I went into the archives and discovered that Mari 1.2v1 works just fine.

However for personal use/working at home, my vote is for Mudbox. It doesn’t require specific hardware like Mari does, and in the past, Mari’s supported hardware list has changed as it gets updated. Plus you have the extra option of being able to sculpt.

Mudbox’s paint tools have definitely gotten better. I just tried out the 2012 version the other day and found it very easy to get back into the program after a long hiatus. So give it a shot if you already haven’t :slight_smile:


The next version of Mari (in Beta at the moment) supports overlapped Uvs.

@evakristjans Do you have instability with that card or does it refuse to run? Could you let me know which driver version you’re using?

The supported hardware list for Mari is the set of cards that we have actually tested, rather than being the only cards Mari will run on.


Personaly, I prefer Mudbox before Zbrush or Bodypaint.
Though, I still havent been able to try out Mari properly due to the graphics card restrictions.

Actually, my prefered workflow would be doing the textures in photoshop and “applying” them in Mudbox (in addition to drybrushing etc).


mudbox all the way… cause its easy and its fast…


I checked Mari,
I find the user interface is strange, I do not understand why cannot load easy a existing texture (tga) to my model.
I have gtx 560, and Mari is very slow, I do not understand this thing too.


I understand, I simply mentioned this because if you have a card that’s not supported, it’s better to test it first and see whether it works/is stable.

My problem is that I can open Mari and it works fine, until I go into the viewport and want to rotate/move the object around in 3d view. Mari then crashes instantly. I’ll send you a PM with the info so I won’t hijack the thread :slight_smile:


forelle, that’s great!

Same here with gtx 460. I thought maybe it’s slow with simple models, but is fast with heavy ones? But then users said it’s how it is with my videocard.