Paint Layers come out black when transferring ptex paint layers to UV'd mesh


Recently I had a problem using the Transfer Paint Layers operation where all extracted paint layers from my high poly mesh (PTEX painted) were coming out black on my low res mesh. I read that this can be an issue when using lower end GPU’s or when the GPU runs out of memory. This did not apply in my case since I have a reasonably high end Quadro GPU.

After hours of pulling my hair out wondering what the hell was going on I discovered that the culprit was an existing map extraction operation. Creating a new operation and re-entering my previous settings into a new Transfer Paint Layers operation fixed the issue and my paint layers transferred as expected. I’m not sure how or why my existing extraction operation got corrupted but since I couldn’t find this issue in Autodesk’s documentation, I’m posting the issue and solution here in case anyone else has the same problem.


thanks good info…!