Paint in Substance, apply into Maya workflow


Hello people at cgsociety forum community,
I am still a rookie self-taught 3d artist. Currently this is my first year in 3d world.
So, I encountered gnomon dvd about introductory Substance Painter by Christophe Desse. He mentioned that, later you finished texturing you can just final render inside SP, but contrarily, he exported the textures and applied into Maya whilst saying that it’s not physically correct.
So, I’d like to ask you guys, if you texture in SP and you want to move to Maya, what is actual workflow?


in Maya, you import your model. Then you apply the texture maps into the appropriate places, albedo for diffuse color, bump, etc… It’s no different from any other texturing in Maya, but the specifics are VERY dependent on the rendering engine you use, i.e. mental ray, Vray, Arnold, whatever. They all have slightly different workflows but a texture map is a texture map, regardless.