PAIE/dkAnim issues in Maya 2014 - keys not being saved


Hey guys,

We’re having a weird issue in our production with imported animation curves. We have walk cycles on referenced characters in seperate files, where we export animation curves from. We import the curves onto a clean, but otherwise identical, (still referenced) character in a new scene - and that works all fine, you can see the correct animation in the viewport, all good.

The problem is, when you go to save the file, then close and reopen it, the animation is suddenly gone. Any animation that was not done using the imported curves stays, but the imported stuff goes. The rig files haven’t been edited in the meantime, and the character just goes back to standard T-pose with no keys at all. We’ve been using PAIE to get the curves out and back in again, and I just tried dkAnim, but they both have the same issue. I’d like to steer clear of clips if possible, as the animators are not used to working with them.

Has anyone had any similar issues or know of something stupid we may be doing wrong? We’re using Maya 2014.