(PAID) Pixel Artist needed for RPG


Hi everyone, im diegoale, and I am seeking a pixel artist to design the characters for a Shareware RPG called “DREAMS: Essences of Life”


The game features:

  • Hand Drawn Maps, Digitally Painted.
  • Original Character Art for each main character
  • Original Music
  • Original Theme song (Sung)
  • 3d Cutscenes done in watercolor Style
  • 3d Cel-shaded monsters to match the style of the pixels
  • Voice Acting for every main character
  • Complex battle System, with unique TECH system, and intelligent Magic
  • Long, deep story written and revised by 3 writers.


-1 Character artist (Portraits)
-1 Map Artist (Hand Drawn maps)
-3 Composers
-6 Voice Actors
-3 Coders
-1 Singer
-2 3d Artists

We need someone to create the Sprites for the characters and NPCs in the game. since most of the characters will have the same body structure
a template can be made for males and females, and then characters can be based off of them. characters should have 8 directions if possible, with at least 4 frames per direction.
[li]PAYMENT:[/li][/ul]The game will be SHAREWARE, and sold around 15-20 US Dollars, also, Translations will be made, English being its native Languaje, with a Spanish translation following.
The Payment method will be done through a PERCENTAGE method, before beginning to work, a contract will be signed, saying that you will be paid a specific monthly % of the gainings after the release of the game. of course, to assure payment, there will also be a section that states that if X amount of money is not reached withing X amount of time, the job will have to be paid by me directly instead of a %.
You will also be able to use all of your work as part of your portfolio, and if a recommendation is ever needed, I’ll be happy to give one.

  • You will receive a monthly log from the webpage that sells the game (untouched by me, of course) and it’ll say the amount of Money gained each month, then you will be paid your percent, each month.

-Percentages can be discussed.

-a Final Price will also be discussed.

-I will not OWN your art, and you’ll be free to use it afterwards, as a portfolio.

-You will be credited properly

-You will be able to read, discuss, and suggest edits to the contract before signing it.

-You will get to Try Out the game before Release (If desired) and get a free version of it.

-Payment begins the moment the game is publically released for sale.

-Suggested release date: DECEMBER '06 - MAY '07
[li]CONTACT:[/li][/ul]-You may contact me through email or MSN to: Hotelito@hotmail.com


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