[PAID] Frictional Games (SOMA, Amnesia) looking for a 3D Environment Artist


Title: 3D artist
Focus: Environment design
Type: Full-time, permanent

Frictional games are filled with terror, intrigue, mystery, and emotion. We want our environments to reflect that, from the shape of the landscape to the smallest rock, while subtly guiding players and helping to enhance the gameplay. This is where you come in.

We are now looking for an experienced 3D artist, who will focus on environment design for our upcoming games. This means working closely with our gameplay programmers / designers, and using modelling, texturing, and design skills to create memorable, interesting, and functional environments for our players to experience.

What will you work on?

We are quite a small team, but we consider it our strength. As an environment artist you will get to work on everything from props to high-level design. This means your contribution will greatly influence how the final game looks, plays, and evokes emotions.

Here are some of the things you will be working on:

  • Collaborating with designers to create level layouts, combining both gameplay and an artistic perspective.
  • Taking levels from whitebox to a polished product.
  • Creating basic models that make up the levels, such as walls and floors.
  • Modelling props of various complexity, both with and without the help of concept art, and often having to take gameplay concerns into account.
  • Constructing particle systems, both by drawing textures and using parameters in our editor.
  • Combining various techniques to create special effects, such as flowing water or fire.

PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST AND SUBMISSION GUIDELINES ON OUR BLOG. The blog includes our requirements, what we offer, and the preliminary work test.

After reading the submission guidelines, please apply to apply@frictionalgames.com

You can see some of our favourite environments and props here: