[Paid] Consultation from Experienced Animator


I know there are a fair amount of experienced guys on here, some active; others retired.
I’m seeking a conversation with an experienced animator, at least an hour to speak about the skillset and various related subjects around animation.
Learning from seniors in a field you’re participating in is crucial as i’ve learned elsewhere, But have not experienced with animation bar the online barrier.

If any experienced animator wouldn’t mind sparing a bit of their time i’d appreciate it, email me and we’ll set up a good time to talk.
Otherwise i’ll be paying by the hour to speak with a pro, send examples of your work if you don’t mind ty.



Bump, Any experienced animators that can use a few extra bucks to speak with an ama; email me.


I would go on YouTube and lookup demo reel animation. Find animators you like and message them. Also another suggestion is look up movies you like on IMDb and look at animation credits. Most animators have a website. I really hope that helps.


So in a way you’re saying there is no one of value here?
That’s unfortunate if truly the case, A place where pros and newbies can mingle would be nice to have.


You are most likely to reach good animators in the Maya subforum:


General Discussion has become something of a ghost town where only a handful of people even read what is being discussed.