Pagani Zonda Roadster


Hello guys,
This is the first time I submit a work in progress at the CG society forums. I thought of sharing this piece, as I don’t find much of a difference between this car and a spaceship.
I’m currently building some interior and exterior environment shots for the car, I would like to show you as well. Feel free to share your comments.



Some Texturing work


Orange and White Studio renders


Impressive work Luis! Look forward to seeing it in some different environments. You planning on doing any animation with it or just stills?

The modeling and material work is very good!


I think the modeling is delicious :bowdown: ! And one of my favorite cars!


Woo hoo!
Nice and tight. No comments at all here.


wonderful modelling & clean render :applause:


Hello guys thanks for the kind comments. I would like to make at least some basic animation here. I haven’t thought about it quite yet, I’m still working in the environment look dev, lighting and shading and that by itself is a lot of fun. =)
I tuned the carbotanium shader a little bit more, I think is looking better. I turned diffuse to a 100% black and the white stripes of the material are coming out from the reflection channel.

I also have a couple of shots in the basement I’m building. It still in progress, I’m aware of the FG spots all over, still not rendering with Hi Def settings. I’m using Maya and Mental Ray.
Let me know what you think


Gorgeous modeling and texturing! The shaders are impeccable, very inspiring work here.


Amazing work. I can’t see anything wrong with it. Have you got the interior of the car modeled as well?


Hey man,

Wow! The studio renders and your screen caps look fantastic! I’m really looking forward to seeing what your animation looks like.



O M G wonderful render & very good work
& if u need render anther one outside i think is very good idea :applause:
good luck


Hello guys, thank you all for your kind comments and your interest.

Rourker, tks man. The interior of the car is modeled yes. It doesn’t have any textures or shaders though. For the shots I’m doing I think I can get away with it, the way it is.

AJ1, Tks. I just found your amazing sailing ship today, nice!! Innovator mentioned the animation topic before, I don’t think I’m being able to do more than some panned camera movements to be honest. The scoop of this project is too wide for a single me =)
I’ll go with some well done finished stills, better than some choppy animation if you know what I mean.

Mr-Evil-studio, tks a lot. I have some exterior environment wireframes to share, don’t pay too much attention to the main building, it is only blocked so far. I also have a car showroom done I’m happy with.

Let me know what you guys think.


Hey man,

Cool! The architecture looks great, and it really matches the car. I think those things were hand built and shipped directly to people on a waiting list, so I’m not sure if there would be a showroom or not. I think Pagani only made around 100, and some variants only had 5 or 6 examples. But either way, it would make a for a cool render. :slight_smile:



Thanks AJ1, I know, there are pretty rare! I’ve heard jokes about it! When they crash one, which almost always happens somewhere in Taiwan… They don’t feel as sad for the goner, but happy for the automatic increased value of the left overs.

I wasn’t thinking about having a Pagani dealership =) I have some other cars that could be there. I used them as approximation size while building the asset.


I have an initial test using MR linear work flow and physical sun and sky. It is missing some shaders and small geometry details here and there. Being a full CG shot, I’m happy with the overall look. I also want to give it a try using IBL though. Feel free to comment. Tks


Wow, latest render is top notch…would love to see it animated going through a street scene like that :slight_smile:


The attention to detail is amazing, you even took the time to texture the wiper blade sweep path on the windshield! For a test render?


no comment amazing render , i like it the outside render
good luck


This reminds me of a Lotus