Pablo's Creature


Pablo…sorry havent gotten a chance to comment on the new posting…been up to my eyeballs in earthquakes at work…looks killer…

starting to come along…would love to see his locomotion and functionality in the arms

something about the big arms doesnt seem to fit with the body…I love those arms…but they have to be really special…

maybe take them a little more mantis or long knuckle ape? does he walk with them? does he fight with them? how do they fold when he becomes a ball shape?

My favorite parts im drawn to is the belly pincers and the face…

I love the big arms (but feel they could steal the show if done right)
kind of like…(

well done


An update.


:thumbsup: Looking awesome, the shilloute is looking great! I’m sure paul with have a blast texturing this thing…


Thanks Miguel, hope you enjoy doing the shaders as well.
Here’s another update.


loving this…well done…the slug body works so much better than lobster body…

been doing research on that thumbsplitter schrimp I sent you…turns out they are decendants of prehistoric “Sea scorpion”

check this video out LOL:


dude its uncanny


Holy crap, dude that’s awesome, man I should have used references for this since the beginning, damn, man nature never fails to impress me.


google: Giant Isopod



tht’s a bit sadistic paulie :smiley:


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