Pablo's Creature


Anything Zuman!


Started doing some 3d sketching, here’s the first based on the head I posted yesterday.


great start pablo! lookin’ forward to more posts:).




Here’s the first 3d sketch based on the latest head concept


When you get your concept done…please do the look dev collage…

with diagrams of picture ref pointing to stuff…

I think the photos on this one could be Dr. Igor…

(especially tentacles and wild shit like that)…

LOOKS Killer so far…(funny when I was researching goat heads for Jeffs character…I got alot of satan stuff…looks like he has a pentagram around his head)…


LOOKS Killer so far…(funny when I was researching goat heads for Jeffs character…I got alot of satan stuff…looks like he has a pentagram around his head)…

Yeah, actually that’s the idea, its from a Lovecraft description of one of the specimens that the research unit find in the At the mountains of madness story.


damn nice! The new refined concepts look wonderfull! Really glad u choose this one to do. Man not only can you do some bad @$$ concepts but u can model them as well! It’s over for all of us now… Looking great can’t wait to see more…


Thanks for the comments Miguel, dude cant’ wait to see the shading, man this book is going to rock!!:buttrock:, you guys are some of the finest, man I’m so proud and overwhelmed at the same time to be a part of this, it’s a big challenge, I’ll do my best to be worth of this man.

I’m going to start posting my future concept sketches here, from now on, sorry about the mess Daniel and Paul :blush:, I’ll try to move all those in the next days.

Well for now here’s another one, still getting familiar with the body, think I’m getting there, as well is good to check how the front legs root from the thorax.

Here’s an idea how the tentacles hide.


awesome feeding technique…

I wish I could do that sometimes when I see those mini Entemanns donuts:)


Here’s a another concept for front leg, the long finger is to help the creature keep the balance.


Pablo…that leg is getting into Dr. Igor territory for Look Dev? would this be a correct assumtion?

Im looking at all the concept coming in…and secretly wondering if its a Dr.Igor bug/ceature that needs to be photographed…

For small stuff I will probably shoot (Like Jeffs goat)…



Hey Pablo,
Love how creative your creature is…his design & functionality keep evolving. Really cool! Now, I’m gonna have to see this thing animated!



Jeff, man thanks for the comments hope it gets to the standards, you already raised the bar very high! :bowdown:, it’s going to be a very hard task to do something worth now and with Mr Cardwell it’s going to get even harder :banghead:. But I’ll do my best, I will be hassling you in the next weeks, for comments on my 3d model.

Well, here’s another 3 quarter view from the back side, I’ll do some more refinements during the weekend and a diagram of real materials for Mr Fedor and then I’ll start working on the 3d model.


Another update!


Pablo…Im trying to get some rare pics shot by Dr. Igor…and your creatre is may look like it may get some cool skin…Its opportunity to use photo refernece from literaly the far corners of the earth…(Im trying to prove a point that studios AND directors should stop at nothing to take what they can from the real world…whether its HDRIs, photos for mattes, or the abused step-child of the industry…texturing)…

If there is anyway we can get Dr. Igor inbvolved more…here are some links to his work…if any skin or photos jump out at you lemme know…(we can arrange a photoshoot for your lookdve collage)



HEI Paul! those pictures are awesome, it’s opening some new exciting prospectives for the my bottom creature!
and these look like custom made for pablo’s HPL flick :slight_smile:


Guys Im trying to gauge…how much we can get Dr. Igor involved…

I wouldnt waste the good doctor’s time on a goat…but I do have remind myself what an incredible oportunity it would be to get this guy to shoot photos from some dead creature only he knows about…

Literlly he is the guy in the Time/Life magazine shooting strange shit…he may not be an FX modeler…but he is “creature” guy fo sho…

Its probably excesive…but…Dr. Igor would be perfect pimp out these models…

Also I put in a call to Joe Alter to get licenses…

Phillip, Stephano, Pablo, Dave please check out Dr. Igors work…ANYTHING in the bug/lizard/crab/squid/ etc…he can shoot it…and most people have never seen the creatures he shoot before…especialy 16 megapixel into the textures…

he would be an incredible resource to use him in Look Dev/texture…(but If we dont have enough stuff for him to shoot…I cant waste his time)

check out this tenticle he shot!

Phillip Steph Pablo…this might be an interesting take for skin …


****ing horse shoe crab rulez for skin !

this guys isnt bad either (and remember I can change the colors)

another skin (subtle)

another skin (more colorful)

Phillip this one is for you? (the little plate edge variations could be very cool)

maybe too detailed…

would be killer in SSS


I think shit like this might be a good alternative for alien skin…its light in color…not to busy…and would blow people’s mind in SSS…e-deep-73932446…antern-73932341

Im gonna put list of these together of this kind of shit…whether its worm, octapus, mantis shell, or horse shoe crab…

and just run it by him…

I bet Dr. Igor would know where we could get like 3 versions of the general feel from like sea…insect…or in a hole somewhere…from some Irin Jaya vacation he took…

and then you guys can choose what works for you.


an update, went back to the first design regarding the body, but It will change during the modeling process, but give me your toughts.