PA Challenge -vehicle / character- Martin-Krol


bit of an update.
[edit] for full video.( keep on going down :slight_smile: ( your getting closer


this is another great model from you ambient w, really like the painting you made, and the modelling is comming along great

don’t stop posting the modelling movies (if you’d thought of it)
im in love with the way you push those verts, and overall how you work with Mirai

it’s been a while since we’ve seen you @ polycount thou, you should pay us a visit sometime soon :slight_smile:


thanks :slight_smile:

another lil update. with a pic.
[edit] for full video.( keep on going down :slight_smile: closer still


damnit this is going to be bad ass my favorite so far awesome work man


Martin you the friggin man this is looking so wild as it is right now, awesome port piece coming up for sure, no crits, just enjoyment :slight_smile:

keep it coming bro



Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! You work with Mirai ? How’s that software ? I’ve never get a chance to have some real opinion on Mirai.
Looking at the video looks interesting.
Can you just tell me your feeling about it ?
I Also checked your (temp) site, the guy with glasses was made with Lightwave wasn’t it ?
So you might know them both.

Man, your work is simply astounding ! The bone setup is incredible !

Defenetly a fan !



Oh My God!!

don’t you like do tutorials?!! :smiley: :smiley:

it’s excelent!!! really cool!!! and original!! It moves the neck perfectly! clap clap clap clap!


Haven’t got a chance to see the vid yet, soon. Just one question, did you lay down the bones early to give yourself a feel for the size the character would be to help with the proportions? Some hyper detail is going to go on i bet. The poly count looks liek its going to go through the roof.


That is looking very good!

edit - typo


So thats what Mirai looks like. I like the Mirai GUI. Nice vids Martin, characters coming along nicely. Is it a character or a vehicle? Whatever it is the concept is w!cked. Nice work.



M-A–A-A-R-T-I-N!!! …Update t-i-i-i-me!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


yea this is cool hopefully we can see some more soon to critique.


cool to see how you work.
Very constructive and’re work is looking great.
mirai looks good.
I can’t wait to see all this stuff finish.


[edit] for full video.( keep on going down :)almost there



lookin’ good ambient! It would be cool though if you could capture the stocky cat-like qualities of your painting.
Keep it up!


Great Work…
Great modeling…
But I cant dowload other movie.
I want see more. I want see all :slight_smile:



no video this time. ( but im still recording. ) the next video will be of all the videos together.

150 kb or so.

got 3 hours left. hope i finish on time.


did a rough comp of the clips that i had to make this 11 minute video. from start to finish. its 25 megs big. hope ya’ll like it.

Finished video, here


Great video as always. It might be really cool to see you exercise the whole character at the end like you did with the neck. Great work.



Thanks a lot. Great video. Great work.
SUPERRRRR… :slight_smile: