PA Challenge -vehicle / character- Martin-Krol


Hey that’s a really awesome design. He reminds me of the cat, CHURCH, in Pet Semetary. Creepy.

I would love to see this guy in 3D.


Awesome detail but those color splotches are just amazing stuff all over between all the little shades. Reminds me of the cover Amano didi for EGM with gold leaf paint. Only crit would be to add this kinda texture/water color feel to the eye and region if your going for that style. Or maybe just a little variation in the iris etc.?? Can’t wait to see more!



Dang. I must say, you have packed quite a bit of detail in that painting so far. I especially like the neck and head details. And that scale pattern on the hose musta been fun, huh? :wink: I can’t really crit this as I see no flaws. Can’t wait to see him in 3D. I only hope you can capture the same essence in 3D that you have in 2D.


as always, excellent work martin.


hopefully theres now this thumbnail thing... Its damn hard to follow this new challenge :smiley: I totally missed your post martin!!
It looks terrific! But… what is the resolution of your pict? you should make it higher res so details will be easier to work on…
And Im not big fan of how the neck is attached to the body (below) Im sure you gonna work on that :wink:


i accidently fell asleep for a few weeks! damn. now i got to work fast to catch up.
heres a doodle of the proportions for this lil guy.

( 700kb or so.)

[edit- look below for an updated file]


that’s feckin cool mate :slight_smile:

now GET REALLY BUSY ya bum :stuck_out_tongue:


bout time very gppd framework should be a kick ass model !!


#@$%@#$ missed it again. It seems that the site is down or somthing. Still looking foward to seeing that li’ monster :slight_smile:

 see you,



up to 3.3 megs now.


[edit] for full video.( keep on going down :slight_smile:


Wow buddy your fast, starting to look kewl already



Thanks! That’s a lot better. Looks like a great start. One question: Why are you boning at this point? Does it make it easier done the road?
Nice insight into the modeling!

See you,



:frowning: ahh!! more! more! more!!..i want more!
now!!..i cant wait!!!:smiley: :smiley:
btw. is that mirai?


Martin, u gotta fix your isp, or are u hosting yourself?
I tried to dl 3 meg divx and none of the links worked. :frowning:
So I can only comment the painting, which is superb, but I already told u that :slight_smile:


a rather crap update.

4 megs? maybe.
[edit] for full video.( keep on going down :slight_smile:


i like it,you are great ambient,i like your modelling style,
and i think it’s a good choice to show by video.
good work man.


Michael, it works fine… I just downloaded this last anim in like 30 seconds.
Try again man.


thanks :slight_smile:

rendermonkey: actually its a dns thing. since this account is new, it hasnt updated everywhere yet. and michael is in down in europe . so itll mostlikely still take longer. ( thats what i been told anyway )


woah!..If these were martial arts movies The title would have been “S’krolls’ of the apt sculptor” and the fighting style would be called “Drunken Sub-division”…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I like the way you bone and test animations even b4 the model is done…MORE! MORE! MO-O-O-RE!!!


I dled it a little later, and it worked.
And what can one say, its extremly cool with these vids Martin, and the way u modeled the neckless…
If the model will have the same quality as the painting, then its gonna blow my sock off :slight_smile:
Keep it up Martin!!