PA Challenge -vehicle / character- Martin-Krol


yesterday while my internet was down i was looking for inspiration and drawing, trying to come up with some concept art. ( though i kind of failed because it ended up looking like an armoured chocobo :frowning:
ill make a few more concept sketches , and change the overall look.

ill put in a storyline probably by monday.

in the end i want to make it look closer to some of Yoshitaka Amanos work ( especially around FF6 )


Very Ambitious, Amano san is one of those Illistrators you can look at for hours and still not figure out every detail. Ahh memorys of bigs and wedge :slight_smile: Perhaps adopt a slightly different animal ? Are you going 2d or 3d ? (Amano works predomiantly in water color right?)

Nice to see a master join in :smiley: ,

See you ,



Ha, I love those lovable chocobos … what about an animal that is ridden like a vehicle…given that it would need lots of protective gear to put it into that catagory reasonably…does that count…could be a sweet, but slight bend of the rules.?



i think ill take some elements from the metal slug games as well:)
the machinery design in those games is bloody nuts.

expect some final concept images by end of tomorrow at the earliest.


but i dont plan to start the 3d model until the 8th.
rought utline done. cleanup/ colour is next.


liking the concept alot Martin, tho rough I can still feel the energy from the pose… good stuff


i like tha fact that your vehicle is an animal going back to a difrent power source very origional and the gas mask (i think ) on the best is too cool !


Hey! What happened to the armored Chocobo? :wink: I’m really digging this new concept. Wouldn’t this classify as a character now? Since it’s a living being? Can’t wait to see this puppy in all it’s 3D glory. Watch out Pascal! :smiley:


yah i was debating about the gasmask thing.
i originally thought about not having it because since its a mechanical object it wouldnt need one…but it wasnt looking enough like an object from PA…so i tossed in a gasmask for fun and it fit…

but now it looks like its an organic thing…:frowning:

anyway. its a transport thing for bully, and that classifies it as a vehicle in its own way :slight_smile: guess i could edit the title to say vehicle/ character


still long way to go.


heh, she’s a cutie… great start, beautiful work…
can’t wait to see it in 3d… get modeling!! :]


awesome stuff m8,
great design and a imposing stance, excellent shading, the colours look like theyre gonna turn out great,
love the head and the eyes,

I presume youll use mirai for this, Maybe you could do a little tutorial on the process im sure everyone here including me would love to see it. Im only just starting to explore Mirai :slight_smile:



loads to do. the lighting and highlights are still temporary,
for now i just been mainly painting in the shapes and detailing it.


my friend, that looks excellent . . .

I am SOOO in love with the paint style . . .

here’s some lovin for ya :wink:


Martin, thanx for not showing me earlier, now that I have a chance to see it damn!!! I’m loving that armour so much man… your sense of light is wild…keep going


WTF ! how does this not get more replies than this ? really suprised the level of detail s terrific


It looks pretty damn cool Ambient! This is one I’ll definitely keep an eye on. :slight_smile:



Hey, I formatted my hard drive…I backed up my files in DOS!!!
Anyway, Great :smiley:


Really nice painting. It would be cool to see handpainting on your 3D armor when you get to it. The mechanical piece at the top suggests there is more going on on the top of the creature. Maybe add some more elements like an antenna and other gear (it looks like he’d have a saddle). Keep it up!