PA Challenge_character_seig


Okay here’s the storyline:
Many centuries passed since the great war of wars had laid its waste on the bla-deeblahhh…
ah well… if some of you think I oughta model it I’ll give it a shot…
thanks for stoppin by…thank yew, thanc ya v’ry muuuch.


hee hee…it’s diffirent and pretty funny. I would like to see this character modeled! I say go for it and have fun!


Excellent Seig. Very original proposition ! Love your stroke, good flowing, man you know how to draw. Héhé spacy Elvis, yeah make it, really, good challenge and this will change from what we see around.


Definitely model it! It looks like Elvis’s head on David Bowe’s Body!! What a character.

see you,



Okay I’m on it… hope it’s not too late… got a lil’ start today…just posting to show what I got so far…NOT MUCH !!!.oh man I’m in deep patootie now…
Pixel Fairy: Thanks, I see you are jumpin’ in the pool too!
Facial: L’elephantman a vachement progressé! the ears are lookin’ really cool.
l_farley13_l: oh yeah, Bowie with a gut, never saw it that way. Thanks for the reference idea and feedback., cu2.
Chris T if you’re lurkin’ out there somewhere, I’m workin’ on the textures…don’t worry dude.


funny character
It will be a good thing if you colored your sketches just to see his style


Nice model and a good start,
what software are you using ?


Thanx Dude

I appreciate the originality you bring to this contest. Great character design.

Can’t wait to see more.


Elvises are the only species able to survive a nuclear holocaust…

what can I say, except…



Nanoneen: Good Idea! Your suggestion will help me visualize this more clearly. I’ll update those…
Mais pour l’instant j’suis en train de tirer les vertices. (8^Q)
but maybe after the apocalypse there won’t be any color?:)and I see you made a real funnyman!:smiley:
Oh yes, happy mardi gras-carnaval to you.

Hmura: ummm…well, uhhh…my-uh software is uh kinda like top secret but thanks for asking though,
and glad you liked the start…you live in a very beautiful part of the world, but you know that…
visited there a long time ago.

big b: wow thanks, but just having fun, (really now, c’mon, these elvis guys are probably the most UN-original
people on earth…but maybe that’s what makes them funny). There is Great Originality in this challenge from
alot of young cgmasters, and I mean masters with the big M…that’s contagious.
So this forum seems to be a virtual-internatonal-post-it-up-have-a-look-learn-alot-give-a-crit-take-a-crit-fuh-nom-e-non…
screw the contest/prize concept man, (although yes that can be motivational for some)…the real winners here are the ones who advance leaps and bounds with this visual language. Ahhh nuts…click here if ya really wanna laff. (highly deletable I might add.)

sherban: elvis was a jerk. :frowning: :slight_smile: :smiley:

It maybe awhile before I can update again, I’ve got a whole damn body yet to go!..oh lordy lordy…


Mouhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha !!!


Cool concept/model

and thats a cool idea - blending the hair->sideburns into a gas mask.

Although I have one extremely serious question. In the sketches you have the arm of the glasses tucked under the side burns. Also, i note, in your first WIP model you have the glasses tucked under the side burns.

BUT… on your latest model you decided to have them on the outside!

Thus my question:

Could you please explain to me your logical and rational thought processes which lead you to change the arm of the glasses from being placed on the inside to the outside of the sideburns?

Thank you for your time.

Master Krugar



Cool LInk, Thanks.


huuuuuaaaarrrrrfggggh hhhahahhahahahhahaha
mouaaarffffffff …need some breath…hahahhahahahahha



really " marrant "


uau!! how did you do the tube?

very cool!! and great idea hehe


Yes Mr. Krugar, sorry to be so late in responding, been away from the box for awhile it seems. Haven’t had too much time lately to work on this. How are those ribs cookin’ up?:slight_smile: To answer your question, thought it would be better to put more of a hermetic seal around the face, therefore, glasses on the outside…connected ‘em to the thing-a-ma-bob, added a lil’ whatcha-ma-callit…and there ya go. As you can see I’m diverting from the sketches from time to time. His big collar is a seperate shape from the jump suit, the normals were getting all goofy with both of them attached as one piece.

Hola Pablozz, the tube, essentially I built it in orthagonal front view by drawing (snapping) control vertex points on the grid to create a long straight half-profile nurbs curve… snappin to the grid keeps the pattern consistent. Then “revolve”, which acts like a lathe, makes the flat curve into a 3D tube-form. Then converted this nurbs tube into polygons, put a lattice deformer around it, created the gesture by moving the lattice points, which was easier than using the multitude of vertices on the tube itself. Comprende? I hope so. :slight_smile: but that’s maya. way to do it, there’s probably better ways.

SometimesI prefer using lattice deformers for tweakin the overall form. Seems more intuitive for moving mass around.I was a nurbsman originally, have been using polys and subdees for just more than a little while. The loop-dee-loop concept escapes my nurbs-oriented mind sometimes…if anyone sees a possible deformation problem in the making here, feel free to fire away…still way more to go, maybe this weekend I’ll improve it.

Hi Facial


really cool design ,i like it alot ,elvis never die !!!:smiley:


I love it seig!! Nice modeling. Just one major crit…work faster, I want to see an update:p

Keep it up!


whow, I love it ! Those hands and lower arms are INCREDIBLE, I dig his belly and pants, you can feel the ‘flow’.

The only thing that currently bothers me a little bit are those tanks on his back: I preferred the version with only two tanks…looks a bit too wide right now IMHO (not sure he can carry that much either)

Great work, I want to see moooooooooooooooooore.


p.s: cool references, too. Rock n’ rooooool…hey!.. Rock n’ roll !:smiley:


great! i like this guy great concept.
i think the proportion is good.
very cool stuff. i like his hair a lot.
maybe just the “rouflaquettes” are a little bit too large.

elvis forever:D