PA Challenge - Character - Nanoneen


the sketch for my PA character


LOL! He’s great!



It 's just Fantastik of the moon light of the break dance from the loukoum dance burning cuitas lépatatas decoupé en dos les patatos

Seriously: Good idea!
It’s the first PA Cartoon Character !

Just dirt him more,and he will be perfect! his weapon is too clean!
Good job for a Bad guy 1/2 blind!

Ps: Work for your boss now or i will tell him que tu le carotte!

  :D :D :D :D :D


thats absolutely marvelous. :slight_smile:
he doensn’t look to protected though.
but you could easily come up with a argument why he doesn’t need it :wink:


Mouahahaahahaa !
Really like it, especially his belly (beer hasn’t desapeared with the nuclear War :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )


Now, you are my best character designer!!!
Your design is absolutely fantastic!! perfect!, I lovet it! It’s really cool! and in 3D It will be incredible!
I’m very happy to see comic characters in this challenge!

Come on! I want see how you model it!! I’m sure you will be a inspiration for me!

Thanks for this posts.




Cool concept …!!! I like the rockets in his back…This is no cheap at all…I’m pretty sure the Model will be just fine.
Great work, I ilke your style


very great


Hey Nanoneen!

You stop to dance dance dance on the beat of the loukoum dance!
I want to see more about your stuff!

Did you start the 3d?
Let the loukoum dance!


I’ve not started the 3D model yet!
I’m very busy at work…oh please boss, let me work for the PA challenge for a week, please,mercy?


I like your sketch style, kinda Gorillaz-ish (their music video) . Funny character


Great design, sort of reminds me of a prospector. I love seeing stylized 3d stuff, i think the world needs more of it. Cant wait to see the model


I’ve started the Head, no details yet
waiting for your opinion


That’s incredible!!!
I thought the head was the most dificult to seem like in the sketch (cartoon is hard to do in 3D) but friend… you did it!
It’s fantastic! and simple!! so it will be easy to animate!

Continue with the details!

He maybe seems very simple now, but I know that finally, with detaills, he will be very powerful!


Hehehehe ! A good smile for the day !
Your model looks really promising, did you get inspired by the gorillaz videos by any chance ? (the 2d reminds me of it ) :slight_smile:


Nice design you have going there! For the 3D version, I think compressing the facial features more like your sketch would help a lot. His eyes and mouth are currently in an excited or happy pose which is quite different than your sketch so it’s portraying a very different character. Once you add the brows it will help capture your 2D design too. :slight_smile:


Nice design man…kinda reminds me of the cook character from the disney movie Atlantis…
great WIP!


thanks for the comparations
I wasn’t inspired by Gorillaz but it’s thrue that I really apreciate their video clip and the mixing 2D/3D, it’s the best compromise
about Atlantis character, I like the character design but the story…


Personally, he reminds me of Mickey…
I mean, if he had grown old… with a barb…and a moustache.
But, were are his (big black) ears ? I know this his a WIP
but… without his ears it’ll be hard to claim this this is Mickey…
In others words: put him big black round ear!!
(you don’t have to thank me for the tip… Jedis have to guide

By the way, do you plan to model his friend ? I mean, Donald.
Well, keep the good work, and be the toufikstrenght be with you.