PA Challenge - Character - muckywetnoodle



After nuclear and biological warfare has ravaged the planet, few human and animal lifeforms remain. The Anteater is a human remnant born into this world and fitted with a custom breathing and bug collection/processing unit. This humanoid character wanders the dry desert landscape, prying up rocks and rubble in search of insects, most often cockroaches, for their high water and protein content. His staff is fitted with a large blade used for the prying and also doubles as a weapon should conflict take place. Not the brightest of beings, his only armor is a cup and his large upper-body, honed from daily labor in his search for insect life, serves as a menacing presence to any thinking of challenging him.

So here are a couple designs for him so far. One kinda bare-@$$, the other with gloves and pants and more normal sized hands. All his clothing and items are white to reflect as much of the beating sun as possible. His skin will probably be the weathered leathery variety. I’m still working on the bug processing unit which mounts to permanent fixtures on his back. Let me know which you prefer. :slight_smile: I did this in painter so it’s easy to make changes and add things.

and a slightly larger detail

Thanks to Brom for the character inspiration!


I’m curious to see, but your pic didn’t load.


Hey Mucky I’m really loving this style and sketch bud, it reminds me of how I like my own proprotions :slight_smile: The glove one is better imo but this is an awesome concept so far, let’s see how far you can take it in 3D…

Good luck


beautiful! :smiley:

i think you should have a glove on only one hand (the left hand with the spear), and keep the pants for sure.

maybe you should add some more detail aroudn the eyes? and maybe have some more tubes coming out the back of the head

can’t wait for the 3d version.


This is a particularly wonderful design. I’m very fond of the large hand style and the low slung head. kinda lends itself to the s-curves that I try to keep in my drawings.

he needs a plume of hair or something to counter that snorkel.

Just my suggestions.

-stop stoking the fire, my ass is roasted.


Awesome! Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ll try to post an update tom.

JoeCosman -thanks! I’ll probably try messing with the hand scale once I have the model roughed out. I’ll see what works.

Krugar-thank you also. I like the one glove idea. I think I’m gonna add some rippage to the silk-like material of the upper glove as well.

lildragon-Thank you sir! I tend to add a lot once I start building. I’ll try to keep it under control though :slight_smile:


i love the style:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


hey man, good to see you here :slight_smile: the mirai boards must have bored you to death eh :slight_smile: love the character so far ( expecially the super original mask )


hey mucky nice seeing you here !and thats a nice sketch man !


Nice sketches !
I like the proportions of your guy !



It loads now! and it looks great, good drawing ability! and nice character idea.

Adam K.


I love the gloves and pants of the 2nd one, but the size of the hands on the first one…

Really cool looking character…


Man, is this a busy place! Just finished some revisions and started roughing out the model.

Thanks a lot for the comments :slight_smile:

MK-yessir, wouldn’t it be nice if IZ would release something already? :smiley:


Modeled the mast and pack. The pack will strap on but I need to finish the torso first. Crits and suggestions welcome.


I like the design of the mask ! :smiley:

and you seem to pay atention to details (last pic) … prety good start …

I’m looking forward to the end of the contest :wink:


muckywetnoodle nice start and i whant to know wich programme you use !!!

nice model and i’m hury to see the update


looks like ya fell asleep as well :D. lookin forward to see more. i know itll be good.


Whooouuu!!! I forget it!

Very nice work
Cool original concept!
I like it a lot…And I hope to see more and you will finish him!

It looks like Schwartznegger with a Mosquitto head! Huhu! :smiley:


took me almost as long to find my thread as I’ve spent on this guy lol

crits and comments welcomed! I’ve seen a lot of nice stuff so far. Keep it up all.


Wow! I really like the sketch, and the model is looking great so far. Love that attention to minute detail!