PA Challenge - character - Jonas


After just watching the last challange, I have too join this time!
It´s a bit late maybe, and I´ve got alot more to do on him before he´s finished, but I´ll try to get him ready on time…

I modeled the head for a diffrent project a while ago, but it will hardly be visible in the final version anyway!


wow!! good work on clothes! the challenge ends up on 8th march you have all the time of the world :wink:


Love your work pascal, especially your pirate in the last challange, Still waiting for that poster…:smiley:

I hope you´ll join this challange too.


argh too much things to do… you wont believe it :smiley: yah Im working on my poster and feel the urge to join you guys


your model is really cool ,the face look like frankenstein …which weapon you will give to this fella ?


Hmmm, I really don´t know what kind of weapon he will have. But I do have some ideas!

And yes, It´s supose to be frankenstein/Boris Karloff.


very cool and also origional i like it nice work


A small update…


Done some texturing.
Feel free to give me some critique/suggestions because I´m stuck!



nice to see yet another swedish talent on the board :slight_smile:
great modeling, texturing, style, nothing to criticise. the textured version is my preferer.


Wow, thats cool - the style is matchless - very nice man


WOW… i’m not really sure what you could add to the textured version. maybe that backpack again. The skin texture is awesome. Very “Brom” :slight_smile:


Get the gimp!

This is slick. Great textures and overall design. The only thing that furrows my brow are the shoes. They seem to be flattened hexagons. I think with all of the detail you put into everything else, your guy’s shoes could use a touch more.

Other than that, I think this is my favorite model and texture job. It’s very subtle and graceful execution. Great job!



Oh! Replys! I Like!
And thanks for all the kind words! :smiley:

Taoizm: I might add that backpack, but i think a have to redesign it a little first…

ACFred: The shoes are just boxes for now, I will modell them later… I really hate modelling shoes… :mad:



Kickass, mate!


Really nice model. Your character looks very well modelled. Is it possible to see a wireframe version of your character. What software did you use to model it ? Is it polygons ?

The textured version really give him a BROMish look.

Can’t wait to see your character in a nice pose.

Keep up the good work man.


I thought my stuff was finally starting to look halfway OK till I saw your stuff. Now it looks like doodoo, especially my hurried mapping.

At first glance I thought it was a new Brom painting versus a 3d model - a huge compliment! Anyway, super tight stuff, thanks for the inspiration/motivation. Eagerly look forward to updates.

PS - Any tips/tricks on mapping would be greatly appreciated - I’m hurting!


texturing is great specially the skin.He’s got a Great looking.
it really makes me think to brom(the skin again).Exellent work jonas!
cloth are also very good.
Just like to see him in action!!:smiley:


Wow! Very creepy!

outstanding job on the model… incredible.



wow, this I want a poster of…