This is my first posting of an image in any forum… It’s pure Photoshop. I’d be pleased to know your thoughts about it!


Wow! That is really killer work! The lighting work very well. Perfect for such a foreboding character. Those eye are piercing and rather fitting to the scene. Very cool! :thumbsup:

Do you have any sketches you could post for this?

I hope to see more work from you soon! Welcome to CG Talk! :wavey:


Thanks Marcus! I’m afraid there aren’t any sketches to show… I didn’t create any conceptuals or previsuals other than the idea that popped into my head one night. I was thinking dog, with the heft of horse. (I have just begun learning 3D modeling, so perhaps this will become a concept sketch for some future project??) Thanks for the feedback and the welcome! -Wm.


I look forward to seeing your 3D work!



Very nice work! Forget ADT, I’m going to print this up and tape it to a window at my house!

Fantastic skin texture… the muscles to this beast are clearly visible underneath his somewhat aged skin (wrinkles included!)

The mood lighting works very well, and is well executed.

I like the cyborg-eye idea, although they could be made a little more believable… with all the other slick realism of the dog, the eyes stick out a little too much (maybe a little color spill over into the eyeball itself rather than just the pupils)

All in all, great work though (and Rochester native besides!)


Umf my first thought was “Doom3”. Nicely done, especially the good use of lightning…


that’s really scary. good image, and i love the semi abstract shapes combined with the so realistic textures and lighting. :thumbsup:


Wow! – Thanks everyone, what pleasant responses! I’m glad to hear the comments about the texturing and lighting choices… I see all this unbelievable stuff that everyone’s doing with modeling programs, and it’s a bit daunting, so the appreciative nature of these responses is really heartening.
Fellow Rochestefarian, 3Design, I understand your feelings about the eyes… I considered making that a bit more realistic… putting some reflected red around the lid area, maybe… or fleshing out the eyeballs themselves… but I think I was afraid of overworking something that could remain simple.
Maybe I’ll go back into it and try… if I’m successful, I’ll post it here.
There are also a couple of variations on this mutt that you folks might find amusing, so I’ll see what I can do for ya.
cANt, I’m not familiar with “Doom 3” ( I mean, I haven’t played it ) … so, I’m not sure of the reference. Do you have any handy?
And Mdme.Sadie, thank you for liking my textures and lighting – I haven’t had a lot of experience using colour or dramatic lighting, so this is a foray into both for me (Although the colour field is limited, for sure). Thanks again, everyone!:rolleyes: I will be posting here often! - Wm.


Oooooo … very nice! :thumbsup: Love the lighting and textures of the skin. Expertly done if you ask me. Only thing that looks odd is the bone structure of the legs. Seems like it’s missing a joint or something and the legs would be rather stiff. But, stylistically it works pretty good.



Kirt, thanks for your nice reply! Ya know… you’re absolutely right about the legs seeming a little peculiar. My brain wasn’t coming up with any real solutions that night, so I sort of let them remain in the realm of suggestion (and hoped no-one would notice). -b.

This is sortuv silly, I suppose… but I was intrigued at the power of this subtle change. What was Dog becomes doggie :slight_smile:


No man it’s just the way of lightning dunno hard to describe. He somehow reminded me of this guy, because of the great amount of details such as muscles and stuff in the skin. Once again really cool done, my only criticism would be the proportions, he somehow looks like a big, or so, but I’m no professional in judging the original proportions of a bulldog…


WOW!! great work!
It always astonishes me to see what happens when you mesh great artists with cg… and none of it in a 3d app!!! Like others have noted - the lighting is spectacular, the image reeks of dark and evil. What spectacular attention to detail! can’t wait to see more from you. :bounce:


cANt – Thanks for the link, there… Wow, I should check out that game! --Is it available for Mac? It seems like nothing ever is, so I stopped trying long ago and just use game systems now. I understand your reference now, and am pleased!
As for your comment “looks like a big…” Do you mean a pig? Or do you mean it looks large? Either way, I suppose I should’ve explained up-front that it’s purely out of my imagination, and not meant to faithfully represent any real animal. It does have a piggish (or bullish?) nose, which was the idea. I had imagined that this was the result of genetic manipulation… We already see this long history of dogs bred to be as dangerous as possible for guard duty or fighting… I expect, as genetic manipulation advances, such an oversized and formidable beast is more than likely. I hope that sheds light on what I was trying to achieve with this creature.

Legadan! Thank you, thank you, for your glowing comments! I think it’ll probably be a while before I’m competent enough to post any 3D, so you can absolutely expect more Photoshop from me.
… and if you like the detail in this pic, you’ll be happy with what’s to come…
I am currently working on something for the 2D mini-challenge centering on undersea life, so keep an eye out for that in the next coupla days.
Damn, I’m wordy.

Here’s what I did to this fella as an Xmas card this past Xmas


Rofl the last pic is the best man with this beast and this sticked up horns. I even tend to say: “Ohh look at this cute little beast named Bill that wishes me a good Holiday” :smiley:
Anyway the lightning is even better, really cool job on it. Yeah, I meant “pig”, just because I though it is an realistic attempt to try to paint a Bulldog, but well don’t change it, its looking great. But what about this fine bow below her moth?

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Well… the bow holds the bough.
That is to say… the bow is the string holding the branch on its head. The inspiration for this was my memory of the Grinch’s poor little dog. Looking at it now, I realize it should’ve been a lot thicker bow to match the knot on the top of it’s head… Oops!

Really? You think it’s the best of the lot? I’m glad I included it, then! -Wm.


Here’s one last variation… It was a printer mishap that I thought looked cool, so I scanned it in and kept it:



fantastic job, I love that beast :beer:


Thanks Najd! I really like some of the stuff on your site, too – even grabbed a few of your images (for inspiration as I delve into the world of 3D) – hope you don’t mind! After I walk the dog, I’m gonna throw a w.i.p. 2d image into the mini-challenge focusing on undersea life… so, check that out and lemme know your thoughts! … -Wm.b


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