overriding lens shaders


is it possible to override a lens shader? i cant seem to find the shader in explorer view to turn it off in a pass…


no, because it’s a camera shader and cameras can’t be included into partitions.

but there’s a trick for that.
-connect a mix2 colors to the lens shader input.
-connect 2 lensshaders to the 2 different inputs (one can be a lens effects with nothing active if you want the plain camera)
-create a dummy object in the scene with a custom parameters set
-make that set drive the weight of the mixer

now you can override in partitions the parameters on the CPsets.
bob’s now officially your uncle.


now thats sly.


Yes it is.
Great tip Jaco!!!


and now that you read it Ed I can feel safe that it will be forever documented and remembered for generations to come, even if I was to die tomorrow.

we should write a 1001 tips for XSI book mate :wink:


>make that set drive the weight of the mixer

this thread caught my interest so i tried to work through your method. i did everything but got stuck here. i tried to drag the custom slider into the mix 2 color weight but it won’t take, also tried a link with.

any advice.

phil harbath


in the explorer expand the color parameter and you’ll find 3 divots for RGB, link the same parameter to all 3 if you want straight out balance or link them separately if you want color independant mixing.


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