Override motion of point within mesh. Stabilize other key points. All others adapt. (Similar to puppet pins in AE.)


Played around for 20 minutes on very different approach.

Using a constraint I have one object hugging the surface of what would be a hero object. It can move freely but always along the surface

An outer object also can move freely.

Both are connected via tracer.

I have no idea if it helps. I was just curious about it and wanted to play a bit. The two objects have a few random keyframes.

ConstrainAndConnect.c4d (1.7 MB)


I think my brain may be fried for the night. Not quite seeing how it would help, but I may feel differently after some coffee in the morning.

It does remind me, though: I had been meaning if I could do so very quickly to add marionette strings and one of those plus shaped controllers the strings are attached to held by a disembodied hand at the top of the screen.

Forgot about it as I’ve been backlogged in other areas, but looks like it might be easy to do.

I’ve gotten several versions of the cage thing working, and I’ve worked out how to select and drive given points via xpresso, but I must be doing something wrong with the clusters as they don’t even show up as visible or skeletal objects once created. Plugging away at it. I hope to be able to plug this concept into the larger context tomorrow.

Working now on a stripped down proof of concept to make sure I’m not wasting time. Got at least half the bits working.


EDIT: Post too long and multifaceted… will split into separate focused discussions.