Overgrowth House, Scott Anderson (3D)


Title: Overgrowth House
Name: Scott Anderson
Country: Australia
Software: Vue d’Esprit

This image started out with three tree-men and a couple of cows. The scene had over 700 trees. E-on Software asked to use the image for the cover art of Vue 5 Esprit. This is the result.

This final image only has the single treeman but more detail with the inclusion of the building modelled by Alain Gracia and the lake. The original Overgrowth image was constructed in Vue 4 Professional. This final image was then added to and rendered in Vue 5 Esprit. There is no post work.

Hope you enjoy.
Original Overgrowth Image



It’s hard to believe there is no post work done here for such an incredible amount of detail. Great job.

Is the Tree-man chasing the beef?




the thumbnail for this piece is so boring…but it is actually very interesting!! Nice work! very photorealistic


awesome detail. I really like the treeman. how did you create the details with textures or
geometry or is it some special feature of Vue?



wow! simply wow!!
by the way the first cow luks a bit floating but no big deal simply gr8!!


I was gonna say the same about the cow… but other than that, it’s just perfect!


Hey - isn’t that the cover artwork for Vue 5? If I am not mistaken - then congrats!

This work is a great example of how Vue 5 is indeed a very powerful and worthy tool in the hands of those who know how to use it. Keep up the good work!


That’s a great work… I love the fantasy imprinted in it. A very great idea and realization!
Good Art!




Fantastic work, reminds me of something Studio Ghibli might have done! :slight_smile:


Perfect concept…real masterpeace!


Vue is actually amazing me all the time with those magnificent trees and vegatation. This piece makes me want to try it even more. Great work man.


Vue is pretty cool for sculpting amazing terrains and mountains and then exporting them to another package for use. It also has a really awesome camera with settings of every type of vehicle and allows you to use camera data from every 3D package so you can match shots. The animated tree’s are pretty cool, They arent perfect but can do the job well.

The thing that would throw most people off here is the fact that the same company now produces poser and this would seem like a bryce type package. I have been a max user for a long time and was hesitant about trying Vue, but my boss insisted, I gotta say it’s pretty useful and easy and fun to use. You will find most of your time is spent tweaking the texures and lighting. You can sculpt some amazing landscapes in less than ten minutes.

Great piece, it comes packaged with the software. Oh and another thing… the company packages a lot of the files/scenes you see on thier website so you can see how other user’s put together everything.


Long time Vue users myself and I just bought Vue 5. Absolutely LOVE this image!


excellent:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



This is why i’m so impressed with Vue, the only scenery generator that amazes me.


Thanks all, for your feedback and comments. Most appreciated.


great image!! I love the concept. Fanastic imagination you’ve got.

One critique is that the scale in perseptive seems a lil flattened… obviously the cows are foward in the scene and the house is in the back… but… at first glance iit seems the cows are two big compared to the house. at least to me…


wow ! ! !very original


this is just amazing…Vue rocks :slight_smile: