overall VRay Gamma issue


im sure this has been up before - i just read the topic below about Gamma but it didnt answer my question so here goes - (i’ve had this work earlier so think i’ve just been away from Vray for too long)

on all my Textures in my scene i add a Texture Input Gamma note and set it to 0.454545 (it autocorrects itself to 0.5)

I render in the VRay Framebuffer and it looks Great. the .exr file maya automaticly saves into Images now, is really bright when i import it into After Effects, when in AE i turn off “color management” On for 32 Bit it goes Really Dark - from 1 extreme to another - but neither is similar to my render in my Viewport.
Also, i tried to manually save out the Rendered image from the VRay Render View, maya saves it as a Png file and each channel as an individual Png file, here as well, the colors are 1 extreme or the other.

under VRay Color Mapping in the Render Settings i have:

Linear Multiply
Dark Mult: 1
Bright Mult: 1
Gamma: 2.2

Affect Background On
Subpixel Mapping Off
Dont Affect colors On
Linear Workflow On

Can someone tell me what im messing up here?
much appriciated.


if you want to set up a LWF with Vray you should do this
This is my own workflow it might be different for other people …

Color Mapping

Linear Multiply (sometimes I use Reinhard as well)

Dark Multiplier > 1
Bright Multiplier > 1
Gamma > 2.2

Affect Background > on
Don’t Affect Colors > on
Clamp Output > on
Affect Swatches > on

All textures which aren’t linear
Enable Input Texture Correction
Gamma > 2.2

I do not use the Linear Workflow checkbox since is to make compatible old scenes …

Also I use the Vray buffer which is a lot better than the Maya one … make sure to click the sRGB button on the bottom … so you see it properly on your monitor.

Color Swatches I add a Gamma Correction node from Utilities and the value is .454 (I have preset which is already set up for .454 so I dont have to do it manually )

I always render EXR 16bit for Beauties which is more than enough here at the studio that I work for … then 32 bit for utilities passes … Compression (scalineZIP)
in AE Im not sure …I work in Nuke which is a lot easier for LWF

This way I always match where I see in Maya VFB and in my comp App … which is what you want at end …

I hope this helps …


thanks man.


Color Swatches I add a Gamma Correction node from Utilities and the value is .454 (I have preset which is already set up for .454 so I dont have to do it manually )

  • Is that the same im doing - under my Texture file go to to Attributes - VRay - Texture Input Gamma. ?


nop sorry … what I meant is that to diffuse color or Reflection color, etc whenever you change colors in the Vray Material, I add a Gamma correction node. Whenever I use a texture I use the Attributes - VRay - Texture Input Gamma.

Does it make sense?


mmm im not quiiite sure - however - following your steps above, clicking on show srgb in the VFB when i import my exr its the same as i see in my viewport - so something must be going the right way lol

this however - is after i went into my Gamma correction note and switched it from 0.4545 back to 2.2… ?

so i guess what i dont understand is - you Are using the:
Texture Input Gamma on EVERY photoshop made texture set to 0.4545

AND if you wish to further correct your texture INSIDE maya, you add a Gamma correction note from Utilities?

… mmm … its a little weird to me that it’s now looking right when i import my exr into AE after Changing the Gamma correction note on my textures from 0.4545 to 2.2.

I used to use nuke as well for this stuff but my current shop uses AE so stuck with that :confused:


Here is kinda what I meant


that actually was helpful thanks.

so - … lets try again lol - The Attributes / VRay / Input Gamma Correct note you add to all textures and set it to 2.2. Furthermore, to every parameter you change (reflections, color, etc you add a ColorCorrect note from Utilities? in which you change the Gamma to 0.4545



just re-read what you wrote above…:
Whenever I use a texture I use the Attributes - VRay - Texture Input Gamma.

so when i use a Photoshop made texture… i use that… set to 2.2.

it seems to work Great now btw so much appriciate the help. only thing that doesnt look right, is if i save out pngs from the VRay render view… that still looks dark, but the FBX files VRay saves into the images folder on its own, looks right on.


if you want to save PNG’s you need to un check “Don’t Affect Colors”

About Photoshop question yes, but just when you save as a non-linear image format … such as, JPG, PNG, etc …


thanks for the help dude
very helpful.


A little question here:
Why do you use the gamma Utilities if you set Affect Swatches to be “on”?


because “affect swatches” check box, changes the display of the swatch in the attribute editor for vray materials so that they show the effect of your color mapping choices. it doesnt render properly you can test it out yourself … when you change the diffuse color usually will render brighter of what you see in the vray material … that is why you apply a Gamma Correction node and change the value … hopefully this make sense …


Hm, i just tested it and I am getting the very same result as on the shader ball.
Actually the way I would expect it and how I feel it should be, but maybe I am missing something here.
However I agree on the workflow when using textures and the rest of the colors could be eyeballed anyway :wink:


Would I gamma correct reflection/refraction colour swatches/textures too?


yes, you would as well


The only thing you don’t gamma correct is stuff like normal maps, bump maps, etc. And there is no need to gamma correct HDR and EXR images because they are almost always linear already.


Hallo everybody,
I’ve just a little question about this thema:
Should I correct Gamma on a cube with red (Diffuse color)? I want to say, if I have a mesh with VrayMtl and color it red, this is all linear material and why shoud I correct it? Really would I apply a Gamma Correct to this material as .4545 as a sRGB texture (that is NON linear material)?
I’m very confused…
many thanks!


Another important question is if we ha to make on CONVERTIMAGE TO sRGB FRO RENDERVIEW…


I have written two different tutorials explaining interior lighting and studio lighting in maya for vray. It might help you!



Also never leave a HDRI intact as is, coz it will give you wrong result.


Your last point is interesting; could you elaborate on why you add a “texture input gamma” attribute set to sRGB on your HDRI?
Is it because you’re not using a V-ray physical camera?

I’ve always just left the gamma of my HDRIs at 1.