over the clouds


10 october 2382 : “few years ago humanoids built a very high hangliding center, with the statue of their god lying at its top. It is only accessible by a special train , and there is only one way to leave ‘a hanglider’.”

This is my work for the NVart comp,done with maya and photoshop. Hope you like it.

time : 2weeks after work.
rendertime : 13 hrs - laptop sony vaio core duo 1.66Ghz 2Gb ram.
softwares : Maya , Mental ray , Photoshop.

Regards, Georges.


wow that is very cool. I love the unique geometries, and the hangliders. The color also lends itself to a very dreamlike feeling. Nice work.


I absolutely love the idea!

The only thing that bothers me is the lack of shadowing in the buildings, which makes the buildings look a little flat. Also, the texture detail looks a little lacking, which kills the sense of life in the image.

Overall, I think it’s got some great imagination and with a bit of refinement could potentially become a great piece.:applause:

Great job!


thx for your comments

thx for your opinion leif3d, i knew about the competition very late so i didn’t have time to really refine this piece i wanted to enter the comp so i had to respect the deadline in the cost of a lot of refinements :slight_smile:




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