Output Quality - AE vs Combustion


Hi …Im in the process of setting up a low cost visual effects studio and even though we prefer using AE for our work…I was told by a film director that AE output quality is not as good as other hi-end softwares…wanted to know if its true.

Thanks in advance


I think that a lot of that comes from 2 sources:

1-the hardware that you run flint/flame/inferno etc… on is usually much more suited to film quality and real time work.

2-the end user. There are always going to be people driving the software that can make it do wonders, no matter what. That’s a judgement call you have to make.



Ya that doesnt have anything to do with output quality. AE can have 8 or 16 bit, and in all should be enough for what you need. Most of the motion design you see is AE, and it renders just fine. If it looks good, it is good. Thats the theory. Combustion has a little more “out of the box” effects though-like particles. But if ya know whats up with particles, yer using 3d and compositng them anyway.


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