Output panel


Hi guys,

Blender seems to be quite non-intuitive sometimes. After looking through the help files and net, countless screenshots etc…how does one open the Output Options?


Can’t seem to find it anywhere with 2.63


It’s the tab that looks like the little camera, the Render tab.



Btw, why are you still using 2.63? 2.65 has been out for a while now, and 2.66 is around the corner.

Just asking - lots of bugs resolved, and improved features (especially Cycles)


Sorry for the late reply, thank you mackdadd. Found it. It seems a lot has changed in Blender since most tutorials were written.

Yes, upgraded to 2.65 today in fact but its not my primary app. I’m using Maya for the 3D on this project, but Blender for video editing at the moment. It’s working nicely.


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