OUT THERE, radu henegar (3D)


Name: radu henegar
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

modeled in 3dmax , rendered in vray


This is a beautiful piece of art henegar. I like your lighting and how detailed your environment is. Are there other parts of the city of just this one? Where did you envision this environment to fit into? I could see it fitting in a post apocalyptic world or even an abandoned city.
It would fit into the Left for Dead series and even The Walking Dead. Great job:beer:


Nice job! Congrats! :slight_smile:
The only thing that i would comment, to be honest, is that the sky is too desaturated for me, kinda strange…but perhaps is a personal point of view.
And the city buildings far away, i think they look a little flat.The reason perhaps is in the right part, they should be more affected by contrast between light and shadow. And the smoke more into them, would be nice.

And i would remove the lens flare. sure.

Anyway , these are things that i think about it, to give it the key to be even better. But is my point of view, of course. All the foreground part looks great, nice detail and mood.
Well done! :slight_smile:



Good CG illustration man, I like the ambiance.



Very nice work


Hey guys ,

thanks for your comments. I’ve made this concept while I was working on Zombi U. I wanted to achieve a post-apocalyptic look. I used for reference some photos from Los Angeles. The concept was posted in 3D Creative Magazine and it was a pleasant surprise for me. Every encouragement helps :slight_smile: Thank again for your comments and feedback. Since them I posted my new 3d concept named EVAC. Hope it makes the gallery for some feedback.


Lighting, material, model are very wonderful, very fine, together very well, very true.


really nice work! BRAVO!


I reckon you’ve nailed that post-destruction/apocalyptic theme. You could definitely make it more interesting with some personal elements, like signs of survivors lighting a fire before, or a poorly set up camp site. But perhaps that’s not what you were going for!

Perhaps you could also play with a stronger DOF or falloff with the background stuff (those couple of buildings to the right seems rather clear despite being rather far).

Good stuff!


I cant tell you how much I love this! The lighting and the details are just spot on. It feels lonely and ruined I love it mate. Wonderful job!


Congratz man


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