'ousters', Hku64 (3D)


WOW :drool: :drool: :drool: Is all i can say!


The design and execution is inspiring.




wire mesh! wire mesh! wire mesh!




beautiful model
love the shader/plugin used, reminds me alot of the cut scenes in final fantasy IX
I rekon the porportions can be exagerated as it is a fantasy charater and ultra relism isnt the goal. i prefer a charater with style over an anatomically correct body.
blue green eye Yuna final fantasy X?

Great work


Konban wa :applause:
Hello japanese friend
I loved that model, I love the Japanese Style Modeling

and Post more exemples of your art:wavey:


Wooohooo! Wow! Great, stunning work. I love that style, especially her hair. :buttrock:
I would be so glad to see a nice animation with that character where she moves fast so that her hair and clothes are waving around.

Fantastic work, hku64.

I am really happy that there is also fantastic work done with 3ds max, not always Maya. :rolleyes:


Uh, he’s Korean. :rolleyes:


Just love the girl… Her face and hair.
Very nice~~~ Wish to see her move next time :drool: :drool:


Nice character, hku64.
you did great work. keepost up more. :thumbsup:


great! the model and the desing !! good work!!:applause:


i want…


perfect work!!!:slight_smile:

Jonatan [sytron]


Yu know that this isn’t his own work? It belongs to a game! DarkEden, and onlnie game! We haven’t got this race yet, but its on the Thai website www.darkeden.in.th I HATE it when people steal work from other places! I’m glad I came to this Forum and saw “Ousters” :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Oh I love her weapons and outfit, I remember that i’ve seen her before, when I found to your website awhile ago, And now I can comment on how good they are :smiley: Yay!


Another superb piece of work. Two thumbs up!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


great work ~I.think it’s someone in a game~!


Who could say “no” to that?! Its superb


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