'ousters', Hku64 (3D)


Hi~… :wavey:


very well done :thumbsup:


holy cow, that´s a very nice model and modeling…
great!!! :applause:


Wow very nice. :smiley:


:buttrock: Nice ! :applause:
More more !


AWESOME!!!:eek: :drool:
Very nice clothes-design! And the hair of course, reminds me of all these comics with girls with neverending hair and tentaclestuff like witchblade or something.
I also like the hings she has in her hands, can she throw them away? Come on, make us an animation!:applause:


Very, very nice. There’s something about this style that seems to be very popular in S korea. Maybe its the bright colors, I dunno. Anyway, congrats on the massively foxy chick you got there :beer:


Thats a great image!! Kind of surprised to see it get front page without any sort of image of the wiremesh though.


:surprised Wow! :drool:

Incredible modelling!

I feel kinda bad pointing this out, but the only thing that caught my eye was the string of beads on her left arm - they look a bit too squarish.
Other than that miniscule little thing, it’s perfect! (and my new wallpaper) :beer:


VERY nice work man. :beer:


Man she’s hot! :beer:


looks just great. No crits here.

But can anyone shed some light onto why we keep seeing new Korean members that come with no posts, post 1 great piece then disapear? Is this professional work?


Damn she’s got Xena’s Chakram’s on steroids!! Excellent work, Unique design and great job overall :thumbsup:


i really like the details on her armour and her weapons.
the only thing that bothers me is that her pose indicates, that she is currently in motion, whereas her facial expression doesn`t reflect this at all. also the area around her armpit looks a bit strange

apart from that, great work

>> file saved


WOW. What an outstanding image. Great work.



wooowy zooowy
what a nice pic .
sorry i mean very very nice pic.:applause:


Wow…very well done.
I dont understand the cape-like thing behind her though.
It just seems like its a blanket floating along…


Hey! Unbelievable job on the hair, clothing and textures. This is fabulous work.
How did you do the hair?
Can you post some wires and texture smaples?
I have to agree that the facial expression could be improved. It is a bit static and boring for such a dynamic pose.
Also, the belly button looks a bit stretched as if it was smeared in photoshop.
The only other thing I could crit is that the lighting is a little too studioish. I know you want to show off the details of the model and textures and that she isn’t in an environment, but some more dramatic lighting could make this a more exciting render rather than looking like a magiazine modelling picture…
But, as I said, stunning work!



WOW. So much detail! I like how you can see her nips thru her top :stuck_out_tongue:


…I hate you…