Our Portrait, Morgan Ralston (2D)


Title: Our Portrait
Name: Morgan Ralston
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Hi, this is my first finished post on CGTalk. I drew this in Photoshop completely with a mouse and using only the basic tools. I wanted to give it as close a charcoal feel as possible. This is really the first time I’ve used the computer to do my artwork. Hand drawn or painted all the way! Since I was 3!.. I need a tablet :frowning:


It does not look like charcoal, you could not create such gradients of gray with a charcoal.


very nice one …

tablet is a must for U :]
waitin to see some more


Actually, Dioxide, here is a piece I did with charcoal…

This piece was done completely in charcoal, 20"/26". Bare in mind this is a poor photo I quickly snapped off of a commissioned piece. As you can see the tones match my CG posted work, exactly… If you are having trouble creating gradiants of grey with charcoal, maybe you should look for a tutorial… I’m sure there is one floating around CG… Somewhere…:smiley:

Thanks mchmielewski, and you’re absolutely right. I do need a tablet, Unfortunatly I keep spending my money on DVD’s and… Student LOANS!!!:scream:


Morgan congratulations, this turned out really nice. Give up the DVD’s and get the tablet you won’t regret it. Once again great job.:slight_smile:


Thank you, Euphrosyne, for all of your encouraging comments Throughout my WIP process.:slight_smile:

Everyone here on CG and at home have been really great!

Again, Euphrosyne, the next piece will be coloured.:smiley:


WOW…You are gifted ! there is no way on this world i could do something like that with a mouse !..:thumbsup:


Thanks so much, dude! :slight_smile:


Incredible work, especially since (but not because) it was done using a mouse. I’m really liking this piece, I’m hoping to see your next one! And yes, buy a tablet, even a cheap graphire will be a huge improvement even if you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

Your charcoal drawing is also amazing, I’ve always loved charcoal, but I haven’t used it much since it gets my hands dirty :shrug:


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