Our Next Challenge will be...


Ok guys, I am sorry for dropping off the radar, but my Local Chapter of SIGGRAPH is in the middle of a HUGE reorganization, and as it leader that took a ton of my time.

Anyway, Our next topic will be

Photo REAL Car Chase

4 Seasons.

Tell us what you think with your replies.



I will try to join. Don´t know if I will have some spare time.
What You mean by 4 seasons? Changing weather?
And car chase or car demolition?

I think both sounds good.


My vote goes for the car chase!


My Vote goes for Car Demolition, with only car chase we will not be able to show FX, it’ll be more like a NFS promo :smiley:
A car chase ending in a demolition will have more scope to show stuff.


Ok car chase it is…

Also two more future challenges will be
“Warp speed”
“Train Crash”


Nice! Soo, Will there be provided footage as we spole about? Very much looking forward to this one!!!


so it is Car chase with demolition ??


will try to join this one :slight_smile:



this is the kind of shot I WOULD LOVE to see



Cool :slight_smile:

looking forward to take part this time


I just found out about FX Wars and I’m looking forward for new one to join :slight_smile:


I think FX Wars needs to be reorganized, so it attract more people.

First thing that pulling me off is complicated procedure to get the models for the challenge (first open a thread, then send a mail to Roberto, and he will send you the code, that you will use to download rar, from witch you will be able to send a request on e-mail, and get the password for the download link…).
Of course, it’s not like that, but I am overextending things here, just to make my point.
Why not, like in the Lighting challenge? Just download link, and that’s it?

I don’t like the 2 new suggestions. Car chase, and 4 seasons were already challenges, as far as my memory serves me.
Try with this ones:

  • Supernova to blackhole
  • Nanomite effects (lot’s of small creatures eats big objects)
  • Airstrike
  • Elemental wars (characters of fire, water, air, earth elementals fighting each-others)
  • De-cloaking (like predator, from barely visible - to visible, with lots of electric charges, and stuff)
  • Asteroid enters atmosphere and/or dissolving planet
  • Energy Cannon (Big cannon that is charging (think of independence day movie, an alien charging))
  • spaceship from the deep (calm ocean, and then suddenly spaceship(s) came out of water, and hurls into sky)

Also, it would be good that somebody records live footage (street, or plains, or desert… or whatever), and that we all recieve the same video, on witch we will be working on a scene like meteorite hits the ground, or alien invasion, or some girl bending hands in circular way, and the challenge is to create a magic. Or appear-dissapear effect (2 same videos, one without character walking, one with character walking (the task is to make character appear in a cool way).

For every challenge, I think it would be good that Roberto creates a theme on a CG general discussion.


Is the voting open again? :slight_smile:

A challange should be challanging, one vote on De-cloaking :thumbsup:


Well, since we did have a vote i guess thats why people voted for the car chase WITH demolition, cause we wanted that. All your proposals for challenges are valid but i sure would like to do the carshot first.


These are just my suggestions, not voting.
I don’t organize challenge, neither have the right to open voting.
Only Roberto can do that.

Just wanted to make it clear.


We will be up next week guys.

I am sorry for the delay, but work got crazy on me.