Our animated short from last summer: Audition


This is the short that me and 12 other students (plus 3 faculty members) worked on last summer (2005) at Digipen. I’ve just been pretty slow to get it online. For those interested, I worked primarily as an animator on this production.

I've got a low res version and a high res version. Unfortunantly I don't have enough webspace to upload the hi-res version. If anyone is willing to host the hi-res version please speak up :)

Let me know what you think,. I hope you enjoy it


  [Low-Res WMV](http://www.twigpeople.com/dmo/Audition/audition_low.wmv) 

[Watch it on YouTube.com](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVtDdoouo64)


Finally got the High Res version online if anyone is interested

Audition: High Res


Very entertaining and well done. Thank you for sharing the high res version. How long did this collaboration take to complete? I like it when the story continues after the credits. Adds a little extra punch. I take it the little pink creatures are humans.



Hey thanks for the reply,

If I remember correctly the bulk of the work took about 3 months, with 3 of us working on it one additional month to improve it


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