Otto The Monster, Ree Treweek (2D)


Title: Otto The Monster
Name: Ree Treweek
Country: South Africa
Software: Photoshop

Another still for you all to check out from our story. This octopus is called Otto and he’s an island that all the Piranha birds live on. His broken heart has mad him mean, and he eats piranha’s even he’s not hungry. Once again both jannes Hendrikz and i work on this image using Photoshop…the words you see there are written by our Third gang member Markus Wormstorm.
If anyones around Melbourne on the 23rd of March The Blackheart Gang is gonna be exhibiting the entire collection of prints from this story as well as the animation at the Westspace Gallery. Follow this link for a teaser clip of the animation in progress.


Another great work!! i bet it will on the front page! that is your style!!

very interesting and very detail and … impressive!




no words… only 5 stars


full score my friend! i love the style. really impressing.


Ohh! Awesome details and style. I … I m just sitting here and look at it! Totally great… *****


yay!! So glad you all like our stuff…we’re busy trying to finish the animation now and its really inspiring to get such enthusiastic feedback from you all


Congratulations on a wonderful slice of wierd! I love the animation, especially the odd little piranhas and the water splashes.

My only criticism, and it is minor, is the narrator. I found the voice it a little distracting, but that’s just a minor thing. Well done :thumbsup:


Loved the first one, love this one just as much, looking forward to more and I’m curious as to how you go about doing these. Keep it up!


Hey bra, me again, can’t get that link to the animation to work… am I stooopid, or is there a problem with it? Btw, this one’s great too, but digged the first one just a wee bit more.


…the voice of the narrator is in there just for timing right now…the real sound track is still in progess, its gonna be a dark waltz…Markus Wormstorm is making it he’s incredible with music. If any of you have a problem with the link to the animation just right click on it and say save as…


BTW the link says whereas it should be . Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us. This work makes me realize a lot of possibility of photoshop. Wonderful, wonderful.


The viewpoint is very special,Ancient felling!good job:thumbsup:


I agree with Allenweis-great work!! i bet it will on the front page! This is REAL ART! i LOVE ALL-ever detail,colour, fancy style,something from ancient miniatures. My BIG RESPECT.Can I put stars for this masterpiece? 10 !


I absoloutley love your style - very original and intresting to look at! Such amazing, painstaking detail!


It’s really very delicate and beautiful. There’s a very surreal feeling to it. Your artwork would fit perfectly in the Sandman comic. :slight_smile: Excellent work.



there’s so much detail, it must have taken an ungodly amount of time to make…5 stars for sure :smiley:


man ooooh man, that’s great again :thumbsup:
(I hope, you’ll post all the rest of whole “The…hold”-series :thumbsup:


good! more interest.I like it !:thumbsup:


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